Hensel Certo 400 in our studio

Today the first time in our studio…
the brand new and awesome new strobes from #hensel #hensellighting the #certo400

An amazing new strobe that is very affordable and the perfect start for photographers that want absolute quality and the possibility to grow into the Hensel ecosystem… and trust me this is a really cool unit.

I’ve known about this strobe for a few months now and I’m totally psyched to now have them in our studio, and after only one day I can already tell you…. this is going to be a bestseller…. I’m very picky (especially with the more budget friendly strobes) but Hensel really nailed it…. it’s the Hensel quality for a starters price.

Here are some images we shot today with Lois during the workshop.
And the cool thing…. they are awesome for freezing motion (and Lois really turns fast). This is something that I really wanted to test because most strobes in this price range can’t freeze motion nicely, there’s always a slight smearing, the Certo did it great. You can totally use these as allround strobes.

Did I already mention I’m really excited about this 😀