Poeka during the workshop “Small spaces”

One of the most heard excusses is “My studio is not big enough”
Or “I don’t have a studio”


In essence there is not really a rule for what kind of studio one should or should not need for photography, I always tell people that the best place to shoot…. is the place where you are…. Yeah I know I stole that from “the best camera is the camera you have with you”, but it’s true.


In the workshop “Small spaces” we shoot different setups in cramped spaces, of course our studio is large, but we make the shooting situations mimic really small spaces, like max 3x3mtr, including light and photographer and model, the cool thing is that during the workshop it very quickly becomes very clear that indeed you can shoot great images in almost any situation, the limitation is pure in your mind or creativity.

So don’t let your space hold you back, in fact I actually LOVE shooting in tight spaces, because you can actually use the space as a part of the photoshoot, let the model touch the walls, ceiling etc. make her crawl up like a ball, or…. the options are limitless.

Would love to see YOUR tight spaces shoots.