New headphones 

Never thought I would buy these but we had great success with the older 20 series and I really loved those. Only problem was the pressure effect on your ears with noise cancellation and the fact they didn’t work without. 

During air travel not a real problem but when using them at home I actually found it uncomfortable.  It they sounded great. 

Because I’m editing almost daily and often also in situations that are not fit to use audio I was looking at new headphones. And although we loved the 20s it was also very bulky and you just don’t bring them all the time. 

The thing that pushed me over was the way you can change the effect of noise cancelling so on the bike I can still hear traffic and when editing I’m totally blocked off. 

First impressions in tomorrow’s vlog but very very excited I got these. Now the price might put you off at first but trust me. I’ve bought several in ear headphones over the last 3 years for biking and travel and they never really felt comfortable or they didn’t sound right or….. so add everything up and I could have gotten these. (They were all in the 50-100 range). 

Sometimes it’s just better to do it right straight away.