Tip : that panoramic mode…

Most cameras now a days have it, Lightroom supports it in an awesome way, most smartphones have it, Facebook does something cool with it (Yeah that’s cool what facebook does for once)… the panorama.

Often we forget that our eyes see the world totally different than a camera, this is where the panoramic shots come into place, now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to shoot WIDE panoramas, but sometimes 2-3 shots combined can already give a totally different look of a scene and creating a WOW shot instead of a “nah” shot.

What I love about my Sony is that I’m also able to shoot panoramas in the portrait mode (in the past only landscape was supported), this way you can get even more detail in the shot. Yeah you guessed it right I often shoot the panoramas just with the sweeping panorama mode in my camera, I know it’s JPEG and less quality than RAW but it’s SOOOO easy, well this has changed with the panorama mode in lightroom recently, so I’m now more and more shooting them in RAW and letting lightroom do it’s magic.

A good idea is to shoot a black frame before and after each panorama so you can easily find them back, especially if you shoot a lot in an area that looks pretty similar 😀

Anyway… here are some panoramas from our recent Sweden trip.