Sony A7RII review video

When I switched from Canon to Sony at the release of the A99 I did a small prediction…. “In 10 years Sony could be the new number 1, if they keep doing what they are doing”, little did I know about what would happen in only 2 years.
At the moment you must be living under a rock to not take Sony serious.
In Medium format they are the “unknown” number 1, meaning every manufacturer is now using their sensor from Hasselblad, Phase One, Mamiya/Leaf to Pentax and to be honest, I tested the Credo50 just before release and it was breathtaking what the Sony sensor does. But also Nikon uses a lot of their sensors. The reason is very simple, their sensors are just the best in dynamic range, color and noise performance, I actually hoped that also Canon would switch to Sony sensors (I still love Canon).

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Lenaa on the boat

What do you do when you travel with two models to the UK on a boat and you’re bored….
Exactly you start shooting some images.


All images are shot with natural light.
Sony A7r with Leica R 50 and 28mm


Model : Lenaa.

UK  (20 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (21 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (47 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (69 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (119 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (135 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (138 of 160) July 08 2015 1

UK  (138 of 160) July 08 2015

UK  (158 of 160) July 08 2015 1

UK  (158 of 160) July 08 2015



Nadine vs LedGo part II

Today some more images from Nadine with the LedGo panels.

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2463

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2479

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2481

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2498

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2499

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2509

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2522

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2547


Nadine vs LedGo

One of the things that I love to do is use lighting in different ways.
As you probably know we are using LedGo panels for our video and of course the Digital classroom broadcasts, but I also played with their panels a few times during workshops using them as prop and LedGo loved the results so they asked me to use some of their other panels in shoots, which I did of course.


Today some results from a set we did with Nadine and some of the smaller panels from LedGo.
All shot with just the panels and a little bit of “kick” to open up the shadows from an Elinchrom ELC using just the modeling light.


Nadine Juli 27 2015 2142

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2164

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2177

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2181 1

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2187

Nadine Juli 27 2015 2197