Lombard street San Francisco

One of the most “crooked” roads in the world is Lombard street in San Francisco.
When we visited San Francisco we of course wanted to drive this world famous street, but we did not expected the circus we were going to see.


Now when something is the …. in the world you can expect some “craziness” but to be honest I would not want to live near or on Lombard street (well not that part), it’s like you’re preparing for a roller coaster ride, cars are lining up to drive down and everywhere you can see people taking photographs and video.


The drive itself is really fun to do but as soon as we ended up at the bottom I was actually shocked by the amount of people standing on the road… wow it was like there was a game going on. I could not resist to take some shots of this, and trust me… there were a lot more people than you see in these images, but I liked these the best.


When in San Francisco make sure you do the ride, it’s real fun and you can say “I rode the most crooked road in the world”… now why don’t they sell shirts there lol.


One thing I have to add, if you might think that this road is there for fun you are 100% wrong, I’m afraid of heights but in the car I’m not easily scared…. not easily I said… when we were looking for the crooked road we actually ended up paralel to it and going up was STEEP (and I MEAN STEEP, REALLY STEEP) but it was doable (actually fun) but then… we ended up at the top and it looked like the road was ending…. so we stopped and I actually got out of the car to look down to see if there was a road (hey you never know and I’m not the kind of guy that just dives down), what I saw almost turned my stomach… the road literally DOVE down and after a few seconds of consideration we decided that we would take another way down… and this “boys and girls” was the first time ever I didn’t take a road 😀


But here are the images from Lombard street, enjoy.



SF  (50 of 689) August 05 2015

SF  (53 of 689) August 05 2015

SF  (70 of 689) August 05 2015

SF  (72 of 689) August 05 2015

SF  (74 of 689) August 05 2015

SF  (80 of 689) August 05 2015