Sony A7r part I

A lot of times something is released (or announced) and the words revolutionary, best in it’s class, world chancing etc. are used to make people more interested in the new product. Most of the times I have to be honest that I’m disappointed, yeah sometimes there are some things that are really new and cool but most of the times it’s just the same “old” thing in a new jacket……

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -65

However when I read the announcement of the new Sony A7r I was going like “oh…. I have to see that one”.


Now before we go any further I have to make something 100% crystal clear. I’m NOT paid by Sony, I’m NO Sony fanboy. However over the last year I’ve sold my Canon 5DMKIII for the Sony A99 and I recently switched away from my MacBook Pro to a Sony DUO 13, which I paid 100% out of my own pocket by the way. Sony did lend me a camera for this review and 2 lenses, but the review you will read today (and the coming days) are 100% my honest opinion.


Now why this disclaimer……
Well very simple because this camera is awesome and I wanted to make sure that you don’t think it’s an advertorial for Sony.


Let’s first take a look at the camera itself:

In the image above you see the A7r with a standard lens, this is a new lens mount called the FE mount, so this is a 100% new mount for Sony, and that’s necessary because the real “kicker” is that this little camera (I compare it with the FujiFilm X-Pro1) has a full frame sensor and with a staggering resolution of 36MP, now don’t think that this number impresses me and colors my review in any form. On a daily basis I shoot with a Leaf Credo 60 so I know how a big resolution image looks. And to be honest my opinion is actually that 36 is a little bit pushing the limits of what you really need, that said….. I love high resolution images so for me it’s perfect, but I also know that in all honesty you probably will not need something more than 16-22MP for 99% of your needs, but again I just LOVE to zoom in.


As you probably know we travel a lot and for me it’s always a problem with my gear, the Sony A99 is a great camera with a staggering dynamic range and that took care of us traveling with 2 cameras, in the past I always also travelled with a Medium format camera and 2 lenses because I just wanted some shots to be shot with that super sharp (no AA filter) high-resolution quality. Problem with MF is however High-ISO, around ISO400 it’s usable but above I don’t really like it anymore. So I always travelled with both the MF camera and a DSLR.


When I switched to the A99 I started leaving the MF camera at home, the A99 has great color, great dynamic range and very good high ISO performance. However having said that…. well we always also took the FujiFilm X-E1 with us, sometimes you just want something smaller right…..?


Well this has all come to an end with the release of the Sony A7r.
It’s a very small form camera (like the FujiFilm series), when used with the FE lenses it’s incredibly light and portable, but the real fun comes when you combine the A7r with one of the many convertors, in this shot you see the A7r with a convertor which makes it possible to add the Sony A mount lenses (and of course all the Minolta glass).

Sony-A7r-adapterAs you can see the camera is now transformed into something a bit bigger, however for me that’s no problem, on the contrary I love this because it also gives the camera a bit more “body”. Because without the grip I have to be honest that the A7r is a little bit too small for me, my pink just drops below the camera, but luckily Sony also delivers a grip 😀


But the real fun thing is that because of the NEX legacy and the A mount convertor there is a HUGE amount of lenses you can fit to this combination, think about old M42 glass, Leica R and M glass, Minolta, NEX and even Nikon and Canon glass, this could very well be the most adjustable camera on the market today with a Full Frame sensor. I can’t wait to see what this camera can do with Leica M and R glass, because those lenses should be awesome with the 36MP from the A7r.


For us as travelers this means also something else.
I will just bring the A7r without a grip and my familiar A mount glass but also 1-2 FE mount lenses if I want to go “stealth”, and….. well…… no other cameras (well probably a backup body) and I really can’t wait to really test this camera out during a longer trip because what I’ve seen so far is really good.


So how does it perform.
In this review I don’t want to go into the details yet that are hidden in the menus, I promise that I will come to that within a few days. In this blogpost I will give you the first “quick” rundown of what I think about the camera after shooting a full workshop day with it.


1. Can it tether
First thing I always have to check if I consider a camera for serious work.
The official response is “no”
The unofficial response is “no”
However I can already tell you that I’ve done the whole workshop tethered to lightroom…. with one problem I had to shoot RAW + Jpg because Lightroom doesn’t support the RAW files yet. The plugin is still under development by our friends from DNA software but as it looks now it will work. But…. officially there is no plugin yet so ssssst.


2. EVF
An EVF is something you have to get used to and I strongly think HAVE, I cannot imagine that in 5-10 years time there will still be cameras without an EVF (maybe a few), when you get used to it it’s just way too handy. The EVF in the A7r is the same quality as found in the A99 as far as I can see and that means it’s great, very bright and detailed and well it just works.


3. AF speed
For the first test I used the convertor for A mount with the included SLT mirror (there is also a version without) and with this convertor and the Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 I have to say that the AF speed was great. I’m a photographer that uses center focus point and recompose but I will test the new layout of focus points over the weekend and I will also check the AF speed when you don’t use the SLT mirror. The A7r has a contrast detection focus system when used with it’s own lenses (the A7 has a hybrid focus system), when coupled with the convertor with SLT mirror the A7r however also uses a “hybrid” system.


4. Handling
The camera handles really well, boot up time is fast enough, menus are logical (when used to) and all the dials work nicely and are located where they are easily accessed. The only thing I really find frustrating is that there is no button (correct me if I’m wrong) to quickly switch from monitor to viewfinder. I don’t want the monitor on during a shoot but when I want to change something in the menu it’s now a bit frustrating to do everything (including aperture and shutter speed) through the viewfinder, Sony would be smart if they would assign a button to switch between the modes.


5. Battery life
When I switched from the 5DMKIII to the A99 the big shock was the seemingly unsatisfying hunger the A99 had for powerrrrrr. the 5DMKIII was almost magical with it’s battery use but for a full day of shooting I often use up to 3 batteries on the A99. The A7r is also hungry, I only have one accupack and at the end of the workshop it was dangerously low on juice. A spare or 2 is a must I think. Cool thing for the travellers among is is that you don’t have to drag a charger with you, the camera can be charged via USB, you can get a separate charger if you want more speed, but for traveling I will probably just use the USB solution.


6. Results
Yep this is where it all comes down to right?
Well you don’t have to be disappointed because the A7r ROCKS.
I have to be a little bit careful with comparisons between the A99 and A7r because I’m using a different RAW convertor at the moment and I still have to get used to it a bit, many thanks to the guys from who were so kind to help me out with a copy of their RAW developer software, which by the way is without a doubt something to check out, I’ve been testing some files from other cameras with it and… well check it out, it sucks more detail out of some shots than I can get with Lightroom.


Let’s first look at sharpness.
I’m used to 60-80MP’s so I’m not easily impressed by MP’s and the “Oh my look how far you can zoom in” effect. But… having said that, seeing a razor sharp 36MP file coming out of camera of this size… well it will get every photographer excited. And the images are really razor sharp. There is no blurry pixels due to the AA filter, this is MF quality in sharpness.


Contrast and 3D look.
This is something I love so much from MF and it’s part due to the AA filter that DSLRs don’t have that real round look to it’s images, well because the AA filter is now gone in the A7r we can welcome that 3D look also into the A7r, it’s still different from the MF files but man this is a step forward compared to the A99 (which also has a very 3D look)


Noise at higher ISOs.
I really can’t say anything about this yet because as mentioned I’m working with a different RAW convertor AND it’s not a production camera yet, but what I can see now I would say that (taking into account the higher resolution sensor) the A7r has at least 1 stop advantage over the A99, which is already is a good performer.


Dynamic range.
This is where the Sony cameras shine in my opinion and the thing that made me fall in love with the A99, the dynamic range. When playing around with the highlights and shadows sliders in Lightroom you can make a “normal” shot look like it was shot as HDR it’s incredibly what detail you can get back. With the A7r I “think” there is approximately the same amount of detail but I really have to wait till I get it working in Lightroom to make sure, but what the Iridient RAW developer already pulls out of it is amazing. Some of the shots you see in this review are shot under very high contrast situations and it looks like the shadows were much less dark then they were. This is something I find very important in a modern camera, you can take away 10MP in exchange for 2 stops more dynamic range any day in my book.


First careful conclusion
I will post more reviews over the coming days but my first impression of the A7r is one of pure “greed” this is the camera I want for my travels, it’s the perfect stealth camera that houses a beast in resolution and sharpness but also in high ISO performance, this is the camera that can do a commercial job and look like  pro body with the convertor and grip but can be transformed to a FujiFilm like stealth camera by switching the lens and removing the grip, it’s a traveling photographers dream camera (and yeah I REALLY mean this).


Are there things I don’t like so far?
Well yeah, the switch to switch between display and EVF, I don’t like the fact that the WIFI connection is not really suitable for tethered shooting, although I have to note that I don’t have a manual yet, but as far as I can see now it’s only to download images and it does not work while shooting, although there is a camera remote option which I can’t seem to get to work *yet*


The following images were all shot during the scouting of the location of the workshop a few days ago I taught in the old sugarmill in Groningen. I will follow up this review with some images from the model part, but you will have to wait for those till tomorrow 😀


All images are slightly changed in color and contrast.
So these are not out of the camera images.

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -7-Edit

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -28

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -30

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -36

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -484-Edit

Sanne Suikerfabriek October 31 2013 -508-Edit




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  1. Bryan Mordt
    Bryan Mordt says:

    I love that building! What a great location to shoot in and around. Thanks for your thoughts on the Sony.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      With 36mp there can be moire, however I’m used to it from MF.
      In essence it’s easily solved by changing the angle you shoot under slightly, or in Photoshop.

  2. solace
    solace says:

    Thanks for this. Your post is the only one I’ve found so far that suggests the intent of actually attaching A-mount lenses with the LA-EA4 in practice and not just in theory (your point about traveling with an A-mount + a couple FE-mount lenses).

    I have a bunch of non-Sony A-mount lenses and am trying to decide between the A99 (or rumoured 2014 successor) or the a7/a7r. Some of the older A-mount glass is pretty heavy (Minolta beercans) and I’m not sure if the weight imbalance would be too clumsy on the a7r. Have you tried attaching some of the heavier older lenses with the LA-EA4? How have you found usability with the weight distribution?

    Also, do you find benefit in the a99 in-body image stabilisation (IBIS)? If so, do you find the lack of IBIS in the a7r problematic (particularly with the heavier lenses)?

    I’m a hobbyist, so your needs would be different to mine, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Look forward to reading more about your experience with the a7r. 🙂


    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I think the A99 successor will be my next camera although I’m also in doubt.
      This camera actually does everything I want (except probably sports) but it’s incredibly handy when traveling and we travel a lot, not traveling with two bodies actually sounds very very attractive.
      IBIS is a point indeed, I do use that a lot on the A99 when shooting in darker areas, on the other hand I could life without it.

    • Cris
      Cris says:


      Thanks for the great review. You mentioned that ‘DNA’ is developing a plugin to allow tethering on the a7r? Is there a beta version of this that we can download and test ourselves?
      Will it work on the a7 as well?


    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I guess it will also work for the A7.
      At the moment I think I have the only version but there could be more, I’m certain it’s not in beta yet, but I think that with the release they will have one, it’s already let’s say 95% there.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I shot with the A glass which is of course alt, for this camera 😀
      Without kidding, I would love to test that too but it’s not my camera and investing in convertors just to test once is not an option.

  3. Zachery Jensen
    Zachery Jensen says:

    FE mount is not a new mount. It’s just full frame lenses/sensors through the same old E mount from the Alpha NEX cameras. Not a new mount.

    Further, the product feature sheets from both these cameras say it supports tethering. That’s about as official as you can get. I imagine it will be the same limited support the a99 offers. The official text says “PC control w/ remote video capture control

    Remote Camera Control allows you to control your α7 from your PC using a USB cable. Feature control has also been updated to include video capture control.”

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      At the moment for me Zachery tethering with the SONY A7r does NOT work, can’t get it working in a matter more than a glorified card reader.
      Maybe that at release there will be an option to shoot tethered wifi (I hope so) but at the moment it doesn’t work, also the apps I can’t get working, but remember this is still a unit that is before release and I don’t own a manual. With the DNA software plugin however everything works in Lightroom, there are still some small bugs but I’m sure they will figure that out.

      In the end it doesn’t matter HOW it tethered and via which software, as long as it works, last workshop I shot with 11mtrs USB into Lightroom and that worked fine, that’s for me a working solution. I don’t really care for wifi for the simple reason I always shoot RAW towards Lightroom, my client/model/me will already make selections/delete images etc. so having only JPEGs there just slows me down after the shoot.

    • appliance5000
      appliance5000 says:

      I’d like to second this comment re the lens mount. All nex lenses can use this mount – it’s the same mount. Also the camera goes to crop mode for aps sizing if you use the nex lenses. On this camera that leaves you with a 20mpx file – -not too shabby.

      A comment on sony I read over and over is that they abandon a format and leave people hanging. Because they call this an alpha – not an NEX – people think Sony has abandoned the NEX mount. I know it’s not very smart – shiny objects can be a distraction – but that’s what’s going on.

      Could you correct your statement about the mount. It’s not new. And thanks for the review – otherwise great information.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      To be honest I called it the FE mount, I really don’t know if there is extra electronics in the mount for the FE lenses (or the future) I’m sure it’s a mount that’s 100% backwards compatible with the NEX.

  4. tex andrews
    tex andrews says:

    Well, now you have a new reader. What is notable for me about this blog posting is that it specifically gets into 2 things of particular interest to me: 1. High resolution, especially compared to MF (not to other FF or APSC) digital 2. A particular emphasis of DR, which I believe—we seem to agree on this—is one of the most important issues for digital photography, as opposed to the incessant emphasis on exotic iso’s (yes, I come from a film background where 400 was fast…).

    In the first case It was one of the main things that turned my head towards Sony a few years ago (and I was not a Sony Corp. fan…)—the performance of my A850 as compared to digital MF (there were raves and comparisons to MF back then) …AND it’s sub-$2k price tag, which suddenly put FF within my (stretched) reach. In the second case there was also the excellent DR of that camera then, and then again with my NEX 7. Now this A7r is another “dream” camera for me. I’m sort of pinching myself that these cameras have actually happened. I am a little shocked that Sony has pulled this off.

    BTW, I was at the NYC Photo Expo show in late October and got to speak to a couple of the Sony higher-ups, on a VP. They have a good attitude about all this and they are receptive to feedback. I think tethering is on the way. I know they have a cable release planned for the multi-port. They do understand the demands professionals have for their instruments, and it was clear from their booth that their emphasis is on the upper end of the market. I think Sony has definitely gotten the memo that the P&S market is dead. Even their new RX10 super zoom (a junk category AFAIC) is actually a pretty impressive unit in the hand. There was little to no evidence of lower end consumer grade products at their very busy booth, at least as large if not larger than Nikon’s (which was not as busy. Only Canon’s booth was busier, but a lot of it was devoted to a theater and printers). Sony is for real.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I never really do the reviews that you “normally” see, I always try to do them from a viewpoint of someone working with the camera. I think a lot of people like that 😀

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Good to hear about the booths, Sony should do it because at the moment they have probably surprised all competition. With the A99 I already was wowed, now with the A7(r) I strongly believe in a few years time a LOT more people will be shooting Sony.

  5. iphoto27
    iphoto27 says:

    All those years, from A900, A850, A700. A99 and these two— still CAN NOT do live-view tethered shooting once connected from the computer.

    Sony makes it 24/7 live-view on camera but CAN NOT make to do live-view tethered.
    Canon EOS-Rebel & Nikon D90 can do it.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      It depends on why you want it ?
      for me it’s important to press the shutter and see the images coming in, streaming live view is something I never ever used to be honest. But again it varies per person, I know some still life shooters that shoot 99% with live view.

    • iphoto27
      iphoto27 says:

      “Streaming live-view is something I never ever used to be honest.”

      Well, these cameras as well as the Sony SLT-A99 have live-view on their viewfinders as soon as power is on (unless you want live-view on camera’s LCD). Frank, I believes you are using live-view daily and you didn’t even knew it :o)

      I am saying Sony still has lousy tethered systems and can not shoot wirelessly like Hasselblad, Leica, Canon and Nikon.

      I am talking about taking full control of camera functions by ways of computer not by the dumb parked monitor. Where the real photographer is the one operating a computer.

      Letting you see the actual images as shown on a calibrated screen (pc) vs a LCD screen, impress your directors, producers, clients and yourself like shooting at the Olympic & Wimbledon with the ATG Canon EOS-1D C (ATG Nikon D4) + ATG MRMC in actions.

      ATG staff, AP, NASA, CDC, Getty, SI and Bill Martin, renown sports photographer, shoot by tethered or wirelessly at up to 24fps RAW/JPEG.

      ATG didn’t like Sony features:
      1. Useless when shooting wireless IR or radio flash. Flash sync is 1/160, not 1/250.
      2. Delayed flash sync. Unacceptable.
      3. Sony A7r is 1/160. Just as lousy like the SLT-A99. Unacceptable for $2,500.00 USD’s body.
      4. That claimed new hotshoe is not compatible with many flashes or wireless radio triggers.
      5. As of this moment, no one can make lenses that has Flange-to-Focus Distance (FFD) of
      18mm for Sony NEX or 19.25mm (Olympus m4/3).

      ATG explained & I will say them in simple wordings about Sony NEX’s FFD.

      – Sony NEX’s Flange to Focal (FFD) is 18.0mm.
      – Sony/Minolta A’s FFD is 44.5mm
      – Adapter needed is 26.5mm (44.5 – 18.0) to work on Sony NEX.
      – Sony LA-EA4 Adapter has 26.5’s FFD for $348.00.
      – Those claimed new full frame NEX is a scam from Sony. Nothing is new.
      Sony placed an adapter & fused into lenses body resulting lost of light, One Stop lower.
      Look in back of the newer full frame lenses. Sony doesn’t want to to know nor tell us.
      Hell, lots of open spaces that you can bury your treasury in.

      In simple words, Sony is just making a longer length (26.5MM) lenses of extra spaces and glued
      the A mount lenses… calling it full frame Sony NEX lenses.

      Buy the Sony A7r. Then get a basic adapter for a Leica lenses and getting awesome images & videos.
      Now, just sell the dead weights Nikon D800e (Canon EOS-5D Mark III or Sony SLT-A99) & lenses.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I think you misunderstood my reply.
      Live view streaming as in still live to a monitor (which the sony does by the way). EVF is something different for me.

      Flash 1/160 vs 1/250 is a statement that doesn’t hold any ground. It’s about a third stop difference, hardly anything to worry about, shoot medium format and get 1/1600 now we’re talking.

      Flash delay ?
      No problem with the phottix Odin system, same as pocket wizard but with a display, works fine and great.

      Shooting tethered is something I do all the time also with the a7r and a99 works great. 24fps ? Not with stills 😉 but with video, also possible as far as I know with the a99.

      Look and don’t get me wrong. With cameras it’s horses for courses, the a7r is for someone like me a heavens send camera. Stunning image quality for what I do and very portable. Now I can travel with 2 cameras in one. Add the grip and a-mount converter for the “model work” remove the grip and use EF glass for street work.

      If you shoot full time sports it’s not the camera, for landscapes, fashion and street it pretty well can be the perfect camera.

      The whole “scam” part I don’t get, it’s a FF sensor, it works with FF glass so what’s the problem?

      I’m incredibly picky when it comes to cameras but I do judge only when I know a system and I’m very sorry, and don’t get it the wrong way, but a lot of what you post is irrelevant.


    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      One more addition.
      With phottix I can sync my flashes up to the complete range of shutter speeds. Only studio strobes are limited to 1/125-1/160 as on almost all systems. Only pw with Hypersync and long flash duration strobes can break that.

      Shooting wirelessly is possible with the SD cards like eyefi but I shoot 100% raw so it’s too slow, Hasselblad the same it’s only transmitting previews just like phase one. Not the RAWs.

      Same for triggers. All triggers I tried work flawless for studio strobes,
      cactus, pocket wizard, sky ports etc.

      Phottix and pixel king for ETTL and hss strobe with sony strobes. Also phottix is working on a complete sony system.

      One more remark, shooting 24fps wirelessly is 100% impossible. Even with jpg there is no camera out there that does 24fps unless you’re meaning video. But even on the fastest cards theoretically 24fps would be filling up the buffer WAY too fast 😉

    • iphoto27
      iphoto27 says:

      If you are the photographer, John, how are you going to see anything if the viewfinder (LCD, since both are 24/7 on when camera is switched on) is blacked out when you are trying to take photos or videos? Try handhold something that you CAN NOT see would be very hard to take or do.

      Using the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered (wirelessly) or Tethered shooting really allows you or other to see from a computer, adjust & controls all settings from a calibrated laptop screen. These are what my staff & pros use like examples at the 2013 Olympic & Wimbledon with ATG MRMC for the world to see.

      You will see or read beginner reviewers to tell us to use a monitor or Adobe Lightroom saying it will support. But they just won’t tell you what will it supports.
      Lightroom tethered shooting is made for beginners to use. Only the Shutter Button works.
      And Lightroom simply CAN NOT do live-view.
      But many are buying this software when they could go for ATG/Canon/Nikon/Control by Nikon software.

      It’s just too bad that Sony & Olympus m4/3 can not do.
      ATG says Sony owns Hasselblad and Olympus.
      And ATG/Sony are the only two that can make Japan’s Carl Zeiss T* AF without needing help from Germany.

      Currently on ATG, Canon and Nikon can do it.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I also mentioned this in my other reply.
      I don’t know where you got the information that Sony can’t shoot tethered into Lightroom like other cameras, it behaves just like any other Canon, Nikon etc. you see everything through the viewfinder or on the back of the LCD, just what you prefer.

      Shooting tethered into lightroom is EXACTLY the same for the use of the camera as shooting on the card.

    • John
      John says:

      I currently shoot with Canon, 1DX and 5DIII, I would love this little camera (A7r) to use for studio type stuff. I’m mainly a hobbyist but do senior pics and things like that. I do not use a tripod and need to use the viewfinder when shooting so that’s why I asked if you can use the viewfinder while using this camera while tethered. I’ve read some articles that say you can and others say you can’t. I use LR5. I would sell the 5DIII if the Sony did the trick. I’m also waiting to see how Canon lenses work when using the mount.

    • iphoto27
      iphoto27 says:

      Hi John,

      My staff and I use ATG Hasselblad HD, ATG Canon EOS-1D C and ATG Canon EOS-1D X IR. I would guess the 1D X is the same but mine was modified for Infrared. Many time we don’t use the tripod. But we use ATG MRMC /or remote control vehicle when shooting in high risk areas. We preferred the 1D C over 1D X because no overheating/no shutdown/4K cine.

      ATG says & have tested them out with the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems:
      On all Sony, once you are able to hook-up for tethered with USB, you will be able to view into the viewfinder or LCD of the camera. So the answer is “YES”.

      I can confirmed that it works when I was holding the Sony A7r as well as A99v, but I was using the AK1 Un-Tethered to shoot & control settings wirelessly from pc.

      Canon/Nikon do not want photographers to know or use the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems.
      Because it hurt Canon WFT or Nikon WT sales. You will see many are banned /or flagged just when they, photographers, mentioned the word ATG.

      ATG and many pros know many will be jumping to Sony.
      I will too because it’s small & light. We can use ATG/Red/Carl Zeiss/Leica lenses again.
      The end of dslr is near.

      ATG says only a few can shot tethered or wirelessly with AK1 Un-Tethered Systems:
      1. Sony SLT-A99
      2. Sony SLT-A99v
      3. Sony A900
      4. Sony A850
      5. Sony A700
      6. Sony A7r
      7. Sony A7
      8. Sony SLT-A58

      If you are using HDMI cable from camera to 1080P TV, the camera will black out either on the viewfinder or on lcd. But Canon/Hasselblad/Nikon/Olympus 4/3 will not.

      Many people will buying the Sony A7 series or selling the Olympus OM-D to get it.
      Experienced photographers like us will only want the body because the lens in a simple word, “SUCKS”.
      You don’t buy a 1/1(what many beginners calling it “Full Frame”) camera body to get 1/2 (EFS/DX/Olympus) an image shots.

      Currently no one can make a small Flange to Focal Distance (FTFD) interchangeable lenses for 1/1.
      Sony is scamming shooters by packing an adapter (it’s fused into the lens) into their soon to be released 2nd quarter of 2014 resulting ONE STOP slower. Just look inside the back of the lens- rear optic IS NOT next to Flange, just an open air, meaning lost of light.
      But Sony says you can use all current NEX lenses, which is a 1/2 crap lenses. Or buy the adapter to use the A mount lenses, which will eat your battery up like no tomorrow.
      Then you have to choices of buying extra battery or dig deep into your wallet or purse to buy the dead weight vertical grip for an additional power. Remember the A99 specials?

      Studio shooting really sucks with the Sony A7r just as the claimed top-of-the line, Sony SLT-A99 or Sony SLT-A99v. Flash sync speed is 160 not the claimed 250 for doing wireless radio or by IR.
      Sony HVL-F60m Flash is made in China but we have to pay Japanese prices, which is much more than Canon 600EX-RT. And it can not do wireless radio ADI-TTL (ETTL II).
      But it will surly overheat & shutdown very quickly or that darn Hotshoe Locking become defective after a few days of using. And the video LED light is useless when doing video at ASA/ISO 800 with F5.6. Unless one has F2.8 and trying the get that lousy depth of field look, which many reviewers /or beginners are calling “Bokeh” images.

      ATG says Adobe Lightroom will not support Sony.
      You have to use Sony Remote Camera Control then get it into Lightroom.
      You can not save onto the card. Big mistake on Sony.
      You can not get live-view on computer. Big mistake on Sony.
      Without tethered live-view, then one can not focus well when shooting stills nor shoot videos. So what good will the video button do on Remote Camera Control?

      You can mount Canon EF just like many other lenses onto it because the FTFD is small with an adapter. But you can not adjust the EF F-Stop.
      ATG suggests to buy just the body and go with ATG, Carl Zeiss (Contax RTS), Leica,
      Nikon AIS, Samyang & Voigtlander lenses.

      Canon allows dual Live-Views, which was invented by ATG, on camera’s LCD and on computer (you have the option to use HDMI cable to connect from pc to 4K/1080P TV.

      My staff & friends have sold their 5D Mark II & Mark III already. And have pre-paid for the A7r with ATG and B & H Photos.

      Again, Sony can do the trick & will be much lighter to carry around.
      Sony A7r + Sony Remote Camera Control (software that come with toy) + USB cable + Window or Mac = See from viewfinder or lcd = press Shutter Button on camera or PC = :o)

      John, ATG made something better on Sony, which Canon and Nikon simply can not do.
      It called, ATG Focus Peaking or Focus Peaking.
      If you can’t focus well or using thick glasses, just turn the focusing ring until you see color light pop up (ATG Focus Peaking) and you are at razor sharpness. So all those film lenses no longer be collecting dust.
      It is better than using the split image viewfinder during those yesteryear.

      If you or other need assistant, just send me an email.

      [email protected]

    • iphoto27
      iphoto27 says:

      John, if you are using Canon bodies and want to buy Sony (supported tethered shooting) then you only need to buy one ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems.

      ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems comes in two versions:
      1. Elite models. Wireless radio ranges is 100 feet. With wireless radio flash.
      2. Pro models. Wireless ranges is 30 feet with wireless radio flash.
      3. Both models have can shoot up to 24fps RAW/JPEG.
      4. Both models support shooting wirelessly on Canon, Hasselblad, Leica, Olympus 4/3, Nikon,Pentax and Sony.

      I would think Frank Doorhof would love using the ATG also, but he & many are not aware of it.

      Karl Giant from Tyra Banks’ Shows & Studio; Alex Koloskov, Peter Hurley, AP, CDC and NASA shoot tethered or wirelessly.

      Those are some of the top photographers /or companies shooting & using live-view or viewing them on a computer.

    • iphoto27
      iphoto27 says:

      Again, it would be very helpful when you can see something in the viewfinder or on lcd since Sony SLT has no optical viewfinder.

      Sony engineers still CAN NOT figure out how they can get live-view or be save on card when shooting tethered to a computer.

      That’s why many are shooting with Canon because they can get better software.

      Give it a try on a simple and cheap Canon Rebel T5i from the store.
      Just load up the software from Canon for free onto your laptop.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Of course you can view through the viewfinder, or if you want the live view on the back of the camera, I would not know why not ?
      The only thing not working in Lightroom is live view STRAIGHT on the computer screen but, as I stated before, it’s something I never would use, but I can imagine that landscape, interior and for example still live shooters would love to use it, in that case use the Sony software.

      Shooting tethered to Lightroom is exactly the same as with any other camera, you see what you’re doing like you would when shooting on the card.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      If you look at the samples I post I think you can see it (or not) it’s very different from person to person. For me the images just “pop” out more, it’s the same effect you get when you watch a normal projector or a calibrated one, besided the color differences the images just appear more 3D, more real.

    • Joe Giacomet
      Joe Giacomet says:

      I know what you mean about the 3d look, I shoot MF digi and this is one of the reasons why. You get a different look to 35mm. Seriously considering getting one of these cameras though. It look to have the same quality as my Leaf Aptus 75.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      In sharpness it’s close, in Dynamic range it blows the Aptus out of the water (sorry), even the Credo is passed easily.
      On LOOK I still prefer the MF, it’s a certain roundness, really weird to explain.

    • cryofly
      cryofly says:

      As we age, the focal length of our natural lens deteriorates and goes out of symmetry, leading to an overt 3D perception. Just kidding! What I’ve noticed is that cameras that have a sensors with high dynamic range (DR) ~13ev and above, often can resolve shade gradations that small sensors cannot. Obviously this leads us to to perceive the depth (even as you look down a street in a 2D photo). This is very similar to when we look at a well done renaissance painting. Depth perception can also be affected by the in-camera jpeg processing which can destroy the DR. It is just my opinion, but using a fuji x-e1, I tend to think that ooc jpegs lack the depth as the camera prioritizes on giving the images that beautiful fuji color(s). I do like the natural looks of my A7 output, both RAW as well as JPEG… There is a bit more to it than mere perception.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      It’s indeed a matter of seeing it and than believing, I’ve found that a lot of people just think “yeah sure” until you point it out in shots and then they go like “Oh wow, now I see it, indeed” than the problem starts to know where it comes from. For example I find that the Minolta and Zeiss glass also give a boost to the 3D effect, but my Leica 50mm R lens beats them most of the time, it’s subtle but it’s there. If I shoot with the RZ67ProII it’s most obvious (even with the Credo60 which I also use on the 645).

  6. Jason Keomany
    Jason Keomany says:

    Hey Frank, what are your thoughts on this being a capable camera for wedding photography? Does it focus fast enough in lower light or will that that be a problem? I’m leaning towards the a7r, but if the focusing is that bad, I may have to go with the a7.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      I use it with the A mount convertor and I think it’s Ok, the A99 is faster but I did not “yet” miss any shots due to the AF.
      The standard focussing is a bit slower than the A7/A99 of course but it depends on what you need.
      For street work it works just fine, for sports…. don’t think so but then again it’s not meant for that.

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