Images open house StudioFD with Manon

During our open house we did some photoshoots through out the day, the model for that day was our very own Manon and she was wearing creations from Nadine.
All images were shot with the Mamiya RZ67ProII and the Leaf Credo60, the first time I tested that combination and it rocks, the Credo60 is an amazing back and the slightly larger sensor really shines on the RZ67ProII.

open dag 11589-Edit

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Mini review Elinchrom square reflector

Loads of people have been asking me what reflector I used for most of the shots during the UK tour and the people visiting know it almost became a joke because we used the same reflector most of the time, soon to be nicknamed the “magic reflector”.


And that’s about how I think about it, it’s the newly released Elinchrom square reflector. They already had one on the market but it was taken off the market a while ago, I still own the old one but I’m very very happy they introduced a new one. So when you are looking for a great “magic” modifier get this one. You will love it. Elinchrom Square reflector



The reason is very simple.
It’s a great modifier for portraits, works great for the harsher beauty portraits, but outside it really shines. If you need a bit more lightoutput I would still recommend the Maxilight but if you want a really cool lightsource and still a lot of output make sure to check out the square reflector, it spreads the light really nicely, has high output from your strobes (a blessing outside) and it creates a very unique look to your images, I love the shadows and contours of the reflector. And pricing wise it’s one of the cheaper modifiers, so don’t miss it.

Studley Mei 22-2219-Edit

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Streetstyle from the UK

During our trip in the UK we did not have a lot of free time, but during the time we had I did try to shoot some images just for fun on the street.
Today a selection of my fav shots.

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The perfect model?

Today a very short blog post, but maybe one of the most useful for the model shooters among us.


During our trip to the UK Nadine and I were talking about what I look for in a model, the reason this conversation often comes up is because I strongly like my models a bit different than what you would expect. I don’t mean that my models are ugly or not normal, because I’m fortunate to work with a selection of absolutely stunning models, however just being stunning doesn’t cut it for me.
Stephanie 29 Juni 2011 - 0287 v2
During the conversation I tried to explain to Nadine what I was looking for and I think this quote says it all.


“A good model you can put in a location and she becomes that location, a not so good model you put in a location and she/he will be a model in a location. This is one of the reasons I guess why I also love to shoot with actresses and actors, they just know what a location needs. Let’s take for example a shoot we did in a graveyard a few years ago, the “normal” model would worry if her hair would be ok, if her makeup was ok while Stephanie (the model in that shoot) was thinking about the expression and poses that were needed to “blend” in with the location and make it believable”
Nadine 7 October 2012 -_-41-Edit

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