The winners of Poldermodel 2012

Today as promised the winners of our competition “Poldermodel 2012”.
Remember these shots were done very quickly during the photoshoot, soon we will have much better shots taken in our studio of course.


3rd Place : Ben
During the Photoshoots Ben was a good performer, not the best all-round but he has an interesting face and attitude. On the catwalk however Ben rocked the crowd, as the only male model left he clearly showed that he was not afraid to go extreme… and as you know extreme that’s something I love.

2nd Place : Loes
Only 14 years old but what a face. Loes her attitude during the whole day was that of “let’s go and see what happens”, she was not afraid to perform in front of the camera, and she LOVED the catwalk and the catwalk loved her. I described her as someone I would love to go to Paris with and just let her walk the streets while shooting. She has an unique look hidden in there and I can’t wait to get that more out in the open. Seeing her age and attitude I think Loes can go a long way. 

1st Place : Esther
Sometimes the jury has to discuss, often the first selection is done easy but for the final three “oh my”.
In this case it was striking to see that ALL of the juries had one number one… indeed Esther.
Esther stunned me in front of the camera with expressions ranging from “I’m gonna eat that camera” to “hummmm wanna dance”. When I asked the models to pose a bit more extreme most models changed a little bit but Esther said “can I jump” and my response was “hell yeah you can jump” and she did. During the “burst” shoot most models changed the expression just a little bit, ranging from ok to ok, Esther changed her pose, expression, moved, looked into the camera, looked away, turned etc. she was actually one of the only models where my buffer ran out and I wanted to shoot more and more and more.


But that’s the photoshoot.
On the catwalk Esther was a complete success.
Some models will walk on a catwalk and you see that they actually want to go off, their time on the catwalk seems to go faster towards the end, it’s hard to explain but you see the catwalk and the model “fighting” each other. With Esther is was like the catwalk was her home, she and the catwalk were one, of course there is a lot to improve before she can run a victoria secret catwalk but what a joy it was to watch her turn, pose, play with her dress and even come back to tease the crowd after she actually was already off the catwalk.


Without any doubt in my mind Esther was the winner that day

 It’s always hard to judge a modeling competition.
As a jury you have to look at so many different things, one model for example that really got my eyes we had to let go on attitude alone, it’s good to OWN the set when you are on the catwalk or in front of the camera, but it’s not good to do the same thing when you’re off 🙂 so for our aspiring models, take this into account, be a nice person and you will go a long way.
I also had to let go a model that I LOVED during the photoshoot and catwalk for the simple reason that she was perfect but missed just that little “odd thing” that Loes did have, when I look for my models I don’t look for the most beautiful girl or boy, I look for something that makes that person unique, most of the models I love to work with are not the girls/boys you pass on the street and go “WOW look at that” most are normal looking people with a little bit of spark of being a model, but when they step in front of a camera (or on the catwalk) they transform into something unique, something that tells a story, something that glitters and glows……..This is also one of the reasons I’m often in a jury where I’m having difficulty with my co jurors who only look at beauty. And this is also one of the reasons I handpicked this jury because I know they all are looking for that unique look, that personality that spark. So if you want to make it as a model and you’re not the prettiest girl in school don’t worry if you can deliver something to a photographer you will break through. Real talent always shine.
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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    Oh man, I do understand your pain here… Best models are NOT the best looking boys or gals… I do shoot seniors, hundreds and year around thousands… Some of the best looking girls are giving me the worse attitudes and they just can’t do a simplest posing, I just want to take a few shots and get over it… other hand, there are some decent looking people who are much friendly, they do listen and pose (naturally) a lot better which encourages me to take photos and work with them a lot more.
    Esther looks very sweet 🙂 so does Ben. but one question: Is that you on the stage with beards and stuff?

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Yep that’s me, if you mean at the end that is announcing the winners.

      And indeed I never look for the prettiest girls/boys, always the ones with some thing special, as mentioned in the blog.

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