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Today a short blogpost, but also a long one 😀
Today just a link to an interview I did a while ago for our friends at B&H.
You can read it here ….. 

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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    I still can’t get over Scott’s answer at FaceBook. He can’t be criticized, he has a very high temper. I was watching his videos, even the ones he just started, live programs… but he starts talking about totally unrelated stuff (like his driving home and whatever he sees on the road or something), takes his time way too long until he gets to the point, and he has one little point to make, fits in to three hours… very very boring. I am not sure if he changed his style, but his programs were unwatchable!

    If you ask me, they should feel lucky to have you, not other way… and I think that might a fact 😮

    • Leo Koach
      Leo Koach says:

      I told him what I didn’t like about his show, and his answer was “I have a news for you, you don’t have to watch”… I did not expect that answer, I know I don’t have to watch!
      This was a few months ago, and he actually seems like pretty short-circuit guy, at least that’s what I felt. He must be happy the way his things running I think… he doesn’t care about one, two more or less viewer!

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Not how I know Scott. Weird.
      Maybe he meant it in a humorous way ?

      I know they care about every viewer and try to improve constantly. Maybe he took the post wrong or was in a stressful mood.

      I know Scott personally of course maybe that’s coloring my opinion but I know he cares a lot about their content and is always open for well founded critiques.

      Don’t take it the wrong way by the way. Just thinking out loud so to speak. I know they were harshly approached when lightit was released iPad only. They explained why in depth, many many times and still people went berserk. I imagine that others would just ignore the issue. But they kept explaining, using loads of humor etc. and staying overall nice.

      Again I think you just got him at a bad time or it was really meant as humor. Didn’t see the post but maybe you made a remark they can’t change or has to do with the concept ?

    • Leo Koach
      Leo Koach says:

       Some of my replies are not going through I think. I replied to your comment, but seems like did not take it even though it looked like it did 🙁

    • Leo Koach
      Leo Koach says:

       What I said was, after I told him what I don’t like about the shows, he sent me reply saying “I have a news for you, you don’t have to watch!”. I didn’t expect that answer, I know I don’t have to watch it, I thought he might want to know what people like or don’t like about the shows. Seems like he doesn’t need too many people watching his show, he probably thinks he has enough audience.

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