A different kind of models

I can’t say too much yet, but last week we were at a location where they sell mannequins. And no we are not going to do a shoot there (although maybe it’s not a bad idea), but I needed something for an idea I’ve been playing with for some time now and we had to buy it there. As always I always have my Canon 5DMKII with me and this time it was not a bad idea either. I just could not resist doing some snapshots while walking through the store. In this blog post some of the images I took there.

Remember we were just visiting as customers so I could not do a real photoshoot, it started out as just some snaps, but these ones I really loved so I decided to share them with you. All images were shot with the available light.



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  1. Adeoye Shobakin
    Adeoye Shobakin says:

    wow! beat me to it/. i was just planning a shot in that line though a bit different but with what you’ve done..you are the boss!

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