Winner(s) Expoimaging Rogue competition

On Google+/Twitter I recently asked for people to post an image and compete to win the amazing Rogue Flashbender from Expoimaging.
The topic was inspiration, or in short tell us a story and show the image of something that really inspires you.
The idea was to select one winner, but I couldn’t….. I mentioned when I started the competition that the story was just as important as the image, and in the end it boiled down to these two, both for completely different reason. It doesn’t mean that one image is not better than the other or that one story is not better than the other. In these cases it’s also a matter of what “hits” you the most, as it always is with inspiration, so I discussed it with Expoimaging and they offered to give away two prices.


Kurt Pas.
I can mention a lot of photographers, painters and other artists who’s work I love. They are definitely an inspiration and a broad source in developing more technical skills and growing into an own style.
But what inspires me the most of all, is the unconditional love of pets. Especially dogs. They are my mayor subject in photography and also my passion and inspiration.
Dogs can do so much more then than just being family dogs. They can play a role in our society. Dogs have an immense inpackt to people with autism, to people who suffers dementia, and perform many small tasks to improve the quality of life from people with disabilities. Assistance dogs for blind people, dogs who can predict epileptic attacks, and assistance dogs for people with a physical disability … For those people, they are a bit of a cornerstone in their society. I have a project in mind to broadcast the work of these beautiful dogs into in a picture book or calendar. I hope to support the training of those dogs with th eproject. Currently we are foster family for an assistance dog in training, Goofy. Therefore I like to participate with a picture of him when he is wearing hos guidance jacket. The picture is made in a very small temporary studio with 2 Nikon flashes. One to color the background, one with a narrow grind to light Goofy.

Andy Bitterer
Machu Picchu is one of the most inspiring places on the planet, because of the scenery, the history, and the incredible skills applied to build the city. I spent three days on the mountain, shot thousands of frames, and while this is more of a postcard shot, it’s still different than most I have seen and my favorite view of the old Inca capital.

I would like to thank everyone for their amazing images and stories, I think it was a very hard subject because let’s be honest, everyone can make a nice image and enter it into a competition, however also adding the inspiration part makes it really hard I think, still I was blown away by some of the images and loved the way it progressed on G00gle +, for me it proves again that social media like G00gle + when used correctly can be a really fun place to hang out, but most of all learn from others.

Also many thanks to the guys at Expoimaging for making this possible.
We will contact the winners and send them their prices.