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I hate standing still, and I love teaching workshops, and as 1+1=2 this means that my workshops always change  😎


Over the last few months I have had a lot of questions from students about two topics :
1. Compositing
2. Filming with a DSLR


I do both on a regular basis but somehow I never post my compositing work, well with a motto that is “why fake it, when you can create it?” that’s obvious. However I also strongly believe that as a Photographer in many situations you better know how compositing works and much to my surprise a lot of Photographers don’t have a clue how to do it very quickly with the new tools in Photoshop, but most of all make it all “work”.

Advanced II workshop = Compositing and more
The theory part is still about making a normal image look better, or in other words how to transform a would be snap shot into something that can be considered a good photograph. In the theory part it starts out with street and sport photography but quickly builds to the parts you really need to make a model shoot rock, from lens choice, expression, adding elements, styling and understanding your light and gear.
After this the workshop changes to the practice part, and that has changed 100%, there is a MUA available and she is working on a theme with our model during the theory. When we’re done we will setup several compositing options and shoot the scene, but it doesn’t stop there… after this I will show a quick composite in Photoshop and also explain how to repeat this yourself.


There is also a new workshop which will start in 2012.
In this intense workshop (aimed at the starting filmer) we will shoot several setups with a model in motion, all students will film their material from different angles and options. There will be a lot of tips and tricks of course during the shoot about : angles, gear to help focus, flycam use etc. etc.


After the filming we will immediately start the editing process with Adobe Premiere.
In this part the following options will be explained:
Working with Chroma key, Multicam editing, Syncing audio with PluralEyes, using Red Giant looks to create an unique look and edit it and much much more.


I can’t wait to start the new workshop but we still need some preparation model wise, so I will not be doing it before January 2012. The new Advanced II workshop I tested this weekend and was a huge success, so that will be implemented immediately.


You can find all the information on :


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