Competition Expoimaging/Doorhof

Today a very special fun blogpost.
Together with Expo imaging we are doing a small giveaway/competition.
If you have a Google+ account (it’s free) you can join to win one of the most amazing accessories for small flash I can imagine, the Rogue Flashbender.

Now we won’t give it away just for a nice image…… that would be too easy 🙂
We want to see an image of someone, something or whatever that inspires you.
So it can be a person, a device, a whatever as long as you can tell why it inspires you.


You can upload the results to the special thread I will be creating at google+ via 
Good Luck…



This is the link for Google+ with the competition thread, post your images there.


We end the competition next Friday the 14th of October.
I’m looking forward to your images.

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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    HAH… tricky contest 😉 who inspires me? Well, let’s see… I come here check out your work from time to time, and I use one or two light sometimes to get similar results (black and white usually)… I think I might go for Frank’s inspiration with a model (well, duh!)
    Good luck everyone 🙂

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