Alternative videoclip

Today a special video.
Recently we shot a videoclip for a Rap Dutch artist.
I only started doing videoclips recently and this is my second attempt at something that can be called a videoclip (lots to learn I know :D).It’s the alternative edit.
The original videoclip will be released in a few weeks and is edited by another editor. However because I want to practice I decided to do an alternative “Frank” edit for this clip how I see it. Probably not “good enough” for the target audience 😀 All filming (for both clips) is done by me with the 5DMKII and in the official there will also be some GoPro footage  which I did not include in my edit.

While building my “motion” portfolio I’ve decided to film 5 videoclips for artists ranging from pop to rock and solo, so not all the music is my personal taste (as are some of the words) but I want a diverse portfolio ranging from different styles to a more documentary style (still planning that one).

Would love input because it’s the second clip I ever did, lots to learn and we’re moving more and more into motion.
And do remember it’s my second ever attempt at a videoclip so be gentle 🙂

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  1. Arno Kamphuis
    Arno Kamphuis says:

    Very nicely done! I like most of it. The ‘camera-work’ is definitely great. However, the edit/visual effects in the beginning (on the bike, under the bridge) is (to me, only my opinion!) not really appropriate. It gives the feeling of old 8mm tape, but the sound is crisp. This doesn’t fit. The second part (in the ‘living room’ and on the roof) is really strong, especially the visual effects. Great stuff, and keep it up.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      That’s funny because my first version had those parts ultra clean and with high color saturation and it needed to be a lot rougher, wait till you see the official clip 😀
      So I decided to change it last minute, just 2 days before this went online to this look.

    • Arno Kamphuis
      Arno Kamphuis says:

      That funny! I can’t wait for the official clip. But I agree that rougher is good, but I think the ‘old-age’ effect is not the ‘correct’ hardness. But hey, that me. That is only one opinion. I am just looking what I like, and most of the time my opinion does not resonate with the official crowd for which the video is aimed for 😉

      To me, this is also the very difficult thing to do when making a video (clip) like this. The audience is so different from the creator (falling outside of the personal taste) that it is hard to envision what will be liked. So I wish the best of luck in doing this!

  2. Farrel ( Yung C)
    Farrel ( Yung C) says:

    Thanks for the reactions guys. Indeed the audience is the aimed target so the creator has to mix his ideas and find the right balance. Each genre demands a different approach. The official video will be released later this year. Once again a big thanks to Frank for the shooting 😀

  3. Eric van Ballegoie
    Eric van Ballegoie says:

    Very nice video, I really love the music too! To my taste the first section (on the bike) is a bit on the long side, as is the backlight scene at the end (which has some very beautifull shots, but dwells a bit to long on them).

    PS: Which editing / grading software dit you use and how did you do the rolling-film effect?

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