New Frank Doorhof DVD

You can now order the “freezing motion” DVD from :

Freeze Motion Photography
with Frank Doorhof

Photographing moving subjects can yield some exciting and dynamic images. It also requires the right balance of shutter speed, aperture, and lighting values. Join international fashion and glamour photographer, Frank Doorhof, as he shows you great techniques for freezing a subject in motion. Learn how to adjust lighting setups and camera settings on the fly for all situations, the importance of changing perspective, how to use strobes and flashes to achieve high contrast effects, a white balance trick for colorizing your images, and how to use scrims and flags to eliminate lens flare.

About Frank Doorhof
While he may be a noted international fashion and glamour photographer, the Amsterdam-born Frank Doorhof admits that teaching has always been in his blood. While Doorhof still conducts magazine and advertising shoots, his main focus is teaching workshops throughout the world. Frank is also the author of A Guide to Model Photography and is a regular Kelby Training contributor.


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