11 August 2010

For a while now I’ve been a bit frustrated with the way my sites work and look.
It’s ok, don’t get me wrong but I want something that combines all sites and without flash.
At the moment we are working on something new that I hope will get shape in the coming weeks.
The blog will change to the Frank Doorhof forum as it looks now and the new site will start out with a real blog page with links to all the parts that makeup my work and sites now.
I’m exciting to see how this will work out but I think it will be totally awesome and much easier for people to find all our activities.

Today our final day in Tampa, we’re gonna see a movie probably, say goodbye to our friends at Kelbymedia and try to relax for the trip back.

During our stay in beautiful but hot Florida at home things also did not slow down, because we can’t close the studio down during our normal working times when we want some remodelling to be done it has to be done when we’re away, and also this time it was time for another big chance.
When we’re back the studio will have an extra floor which will be used as hang out space and overview of the studio floor, from there you can see from above what’s going on on the workfloor, and it’s an awesome place to place the cameras for our live broadcasts

The floor was already there but was not easily reachable for normal use, during our stay in Florida a solid staircase was being build to reach the floor for everyday use.
I’m excited to get back and see how it works, we will have a LOT of extra space on the workfloor including at least 6 extra mtrs of wall to freak out with, probably we will leave certain parts of it just white to let our models pose at but some parts will be painted by the same painters that did the rest of our studio, now we only need to think of a theme