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New Lightroom preset pack

We all love presets right?
it’s what made instagram great I always say.
Tinting or changing the look of your images is something we all do to spice things up, and it’s one of the most used factors in movie making to really set the mood for a certain scene, lighting and tinting are the things that create the atmosphere.

I’ve already created preset packs for plugins like DxO, luminar, Alien Skin Exposure, Intensify, Capture One etc. but this week I released my first one for Lightroom and I’m really excited, I created all the presets from the ground up or based them on presets I loved and created/finetuned over the last few months.

In the pack you’ll find color presets, tinted presets, BW presets, some for the Mavic Pro 2 and even some really creative ones.

You can get the pack now at www.frankdoorhof.com/presets for only EU 15.00 (contains more than 50 presets)
Do remember that these presets can be adjusted to your liking and are there to give you base to work from, or use them as is for that “ahum” “Frank Doorhof” look.

The coolest market on the planet…… if your into this

It’s no secret that I love old cameras and vintage lenses.
So what do you think about a market spanning several streets with just cameras, lenses, accessories, books, prints, wetplate portrait takers, buying, selling….. it’s insane…. well enter the fotografica market in Doesburg.

This has been the second time we visited and in all honesty it’s really something we plan our holiday around, unless we really don’t have another option we are there. The cool thing is that you can literally find anything. For a few weeks I’ve been looking for a rubber eye piece for my leica R7 and although you can find them online the prices are often insane also due to the added shipping costs. On the fotografica it took me not more than 15 minutes and a sales person from Germany just opened up a box…. and voila how many do you want….. bingo.

Now I can spend a lot of letters on it, but I always believe that images speak much clearer… do beware…. I have a lot, for the simple reason it’s impossible to just capture this with 3-4 images, it’s not even possible with the amount I shot but I picked some things out that I really liked to share with you guys. So take some popcorn, grab a soda and join me for the Fotografica 2018 Doesburg.

All images were shot with the Huawei P20 Pro and edited in Lightroom, I’ve mentioned it before but this phone is just amazing when you use it in the pro mode on 40MP RAW. It’s the first phone that I call my camera that can make calls….. normally I would have brought my Sony A7RIII but sometimes shooting on a market just works better with a phone.


As mentioned it was not only cameras, there really is a mix of very old cameras but also prints, like these.

I Always call these the magic lanterns, and they are so cool to look at.
Maybe one day I’ll get one 😀

I didn’t by any film, because somehow…. I don’t really trust this kind of display in the bright sun, but to be honest 1 euro each is not that bad, and maybe you get some funky results.

Don’t you just LOVE these colors.

Of course we all need some energy to shoot…..

Yes the P20Pro can even shoot with a reasonable DOF. (this was not done after the fact, it’s really the way the camera shoots.
Oh… and I love the front camera in the picture.

I dare you to take time and not find what you’re looking for.

Not all cameras are serious thought, isn’t this cute as heck.

One of MANY booths… Annewiek finally admitted that I don’t have a lot of cameras…. although the way she said it… doesn’t really comforted me….mmmmm

Also loads of darkroom material… although in all honesty I don’t really knew this one. It’s an automatic Dial camera????

Oempf….. a dream next to each other…. Voightlander, Rolleiflex and Leica…..

Some light reading for the evenings….. 😀

And all in such fine condition…. and I’m not talking about the legs… which I actually just saw now while typing this.

Colorfilm timer… I still remember my grandfather using one of these, or similar (it’s a long time ago)

Still best camera ever build in my honest opinion. I own one and it will be the last one I ever sell if I ever stop shooting.

No it’s not a portable crematorium or heater…. it’s a very predated projector (I call them magic lanterns, and I actually believe it’s the real name)

This guy actually did good business LOL

Doesn’t this just move you?
This is such awesome stuff.
Realize that in the old days this for people was PURE magic and could transport you to a totally different world….. the times we still had imagination.


I just don’t know why exactly but Leica has a real draw on me.
I use a R4 and R7 (R4 is for sale actually) and they do render images beautifully and look great (and that viewfinder is awesome) but still I do think there is way too much price expansion on these cameras, it’s almost like it’s gold….. (yeah I know it’s obvious)

Who doesn’t like brownies….
I always tease Annewiek a bit by asking her if she wants a brownie……

Again some really cute bears and cameras.

I actually really liked this idea.
This guy was selling old lenses and cameras with clocks inside….
We had to leave rather early so I didn’t walk back but I would love one… think about making one myself now but with a digital clock.

Also loads of stereo photography stuff.
One of my “idols” Brian May (from Queen) is actually pretty involved in this stereo photography stuff.
I never did it myself… maybe one day.

In that period people really valued photography.
Look at the framing and the interior, isn’t that just awesome
Although in all honesty… it did call up more a memoriam feeling than a wedding, what do you think?

LOVED the girl on the portrait, just amazing. That period of photography was just awesome.

I think a housing for underwater photography.

Extension bellows.

I still remember my very first strobe, I was REALLY young then.
It indeed had little bulbs that only worked once… now a days we would say “what a waste” at that time we just threw them out… unbelievable when you think back about it. My second one was better by the way that one you could rotate.

Now don’t think I’m that old (I’m only 47) but I was brought up in a family of very enthusiastic photographers.

Special editions, in funky and cool colors.


I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost.
If you did please leave comments below and share this, we want to grow our channels so your help REALLY helps, even a like or comment 😀


Nadine with vintage lenses during the Ultimate weekend

I just started my new project #VintageLensOnNew
A project where I challenge myself (and you guys) to shoot mainly with old vintage lenses. Not because my Sony or Sigma lenses aren’t good, but to actually play with different looks, and also to “proof” that lenses that are sold for anything between 5-100 euro’s on fleamarkets can be incredibly good and cool. Although I have to add some of the Leica R lenses I use are a bit more expensive.

At the moment I still use these lenses manual, which with the Sony’s is actually a breeze. It’s slower than AF of course but manual focus is helped by peaking, zoom options and of course the EVF itself, and this…. well makes it a lot easier.

Today some images I shot during the Ultimate weekend day 1 with Nadine.

Lens used :
Zeiss Jena 135mm

Workshop Cannenburch with Nadine Part 3

For the next set me moved into the little chapel.
This place was very hard to shoot in, loads of risk factors and windows on the side, as you can see I’m actually using a mix of ambient light through the windows as accent lights and positioned myself so that the windows were blocked by Nadine in some of the shots for maximum effect.


The risk factor in this chapel was a bit higher than in the other locations for a very simple reason, everything was tight.
In the whole museum we were shooting in locations with irreplaceable items, if we broke something…. well there is no price to put on it because…. well it can’t be replaced, meaning we would have to call in one of the museum employees every time we wanted to move something or wanted to check if it was ok if we touched something, they were incredibly relaxed about it and were great helps, but always remember when shooting in locations like this (if you ever do) you are a guest and be VERY VERY careful.


In the end I decided to go for a serie of different looks.
We started with natural light only.
And as always sometimes I have trouble choosing between BW and color.

Cannenburch November 8 2014 Nadine  189 - November 08 2014 1

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