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Platja d’aro workshops part I

This weekend we were in Spain for 2 workshops in the town of Platja d’aro.
Platja d’aro is a beautiful town with awesome beaches and when you rent a car you can drive around and see some stunning scenery, but our time was very limited, it was almost literally fly in, teach 2 days and fly out, luckily one of the students drove us around for a few hours after the first workshop and I have to be honest…. without any doubt I’ll be back and take a bit more time to look around. In short… if you are planning to visit Spain and are looking for a place that has all the feel of a vacation town but still has the rest and is not primarily aimed at youth but also to families I think Platja d’aro is a great choice.


The first day was reserved for a Fashion shoot A-Z like seminar/workshop.
For an enthusiastic group of app 50 attendees I showed several light setups and gave some retouching tips.
All my information was translated into Spanish so also the non-english speaking attendees got the information.


The dresses were sponsored by the awesome (from Dutch origins) Sinister clothing company.


Camera : Mamiya DF+ with Leaf Credo 60.

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