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Comic Con get your geeky side on

I strongly believe that the best thing you can do is to never completely grow up. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mean act and behave like a 6 year old, but I think it’s very important to always keep that inner child alive and well.

So do I have a geeky side?
Yeah well of course.
I love old arcades and pinballs and of course movies, and recently we started a Batman collection (so if you want to make us happy… bring something Batman:D)….. a vist to Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash in Redbank actually started it all…..

One of the nice things about this “new found” hobby is that instead of sitting at home we now have a real purpose to go out and visit flea markets and book stores whenever we travel or are at home (its the fun of the hunt), one of the biggest problems when you’re busy is that your day is just work, and although I love my work a lot (and it never feels like work) you should also do something else sometimes.

According to some of you I had to visit a Comic Con, it’s awesome and we would love it.
Well luckily for us there was a Dutch Comic Con this weekend so Annewiek and I decided to visit it on Sunday, today on the blog some images I shot that day, now I have to add that I did not take the time to bring strobes and “drag” the people in a set, I just enjoyed it and took some quick shots.

Now this was the first time ever we visited something like Comic Con and I have to say…. it was pretty cool.
The merchandise was priced pretty high, which is logical I think because the vendors know the fans are visiting, we did score some cool things but most of all I took the chance to get some cheap comics, and also here it’s “weird” to see that some vendors charge 1.00 for a comic while others without a problem ask 2.50-4.00 for the same series (and similar conditions). Seeing my Dutch upbringing you found us more in the 1.00 boxes 😀

The thing that I found fascinating were the costumes, I’ve seen of course some of the videos from the American Comic Cons but the Dutch can do it too, we saw some real amazing outfits and most of all I loved the fact that everyone was very friendly and “open” for some quick shots.

In this blogpost you can find a selection of the images I took, again it’s more to give you an idea about what we saw, it’s not a professional registration or photoshoot, just for you guys to enjoy and watch.

So what brings out your inner geek?


Click on one of the images for a larger view.