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ClickLive event 2024 Results from Day 3 with our amazing model Tion

Results Day 3 with Tion

In the previous blog we showed you the behind the scene video we shot during the ClickLive event.
Today in the blog some of the results from Tion

Shot with the Geekoto GT400 and the new Geekoto Lantern and striplight.
On the blue tinted images I’m using a GT200 with the Rogue magnetic system and a blue gel.

This was the third day and the backgrounds were not mounted 100% anymore, but I still love the results from these sessions.
Also many thanks to Tion who did his best with loads of different outfits and never too tired to pose for me or the attendees. This day was a bit more quiet on the show so I had some more time to shoot, so sorry for the many images 😀

For the first series I’m using the new Geekoto Lantern and striplight on the Geekoto GT400

It’s always a challenge to shoot images during a trade show, but with a set like this and a great model it becomes a lot more easy.
Do you want to build a set similar to this?
Check out our professional quality backdrops at www.clickbackdrops.nl

Here I placed the striplight close to the wall for some nice side lighting.
I always love this setup and with Tion it worked extremely well.

Finally I added a Geekoto GT200 with the Rogue magnetic system and a blue gel in the back, and use the Geekoto striplight as mainlight for some final more moody shots.