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The best way to protect your camera during tethering

After using other products for years I used everything I liked and didn’t like to get something that would be as close to perfect as possible.
The result… the CableBlock.

The best way to protect you camera during tethering is to make sure there is as little stress as possible on your port.
Our IQ-wire cables use angled connectors on the camera side, which already makes the connection more safe if the camera would roll over the cable. But to make it 100% safe you need to make sure the cable is 100% secure.

When using solutions that are hanging on your camera are just a safeguard, the cable will still move around when you shoot or switch from landscape to portrait mode, in the end it’s a lot better than no protection, but for longer use it’s not the way to go.

The CableBlock is a Arca compatible mount with special guides for thinner and thicker cables.
It’s smaller than other solutions so it’s still possible to open up your battery compartment and on smaller cameras it’s much more comfortable in your hands. It’s also not necessary to use a coin or screwdriver to mount or unmount the CableBlock, you just use the little “holder” and turn it to tighten or loosen the screw, it’s super easy. Of course the CableBlock is protecting your camera also by using 4 rubber feet. And finally it’s bright red 😀

And the best thing….. it’s only 35.00 euros including 21% VAT.
You can get the CableBlock here.

Although mounting it is super easy, we still get some questions about the best way to route the cable, so in this video I show you how to do it quick and easy.