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Didn’t expect it to be so much fun

By now you just have heard about AI generated art. And let me start with saying that I don’t have an opinion yet. But let me explain how I feel.

The images in this blogpost were created with the beta from Adobe Firefly. And I’m using the text to images.

Now everything you see is about 90% spot on what I wanted to see. I didn’t play with other ai generators but for a beta it was just very cool to see the results coming in and being so close at first and almost perfect after just a few fine tuning commands and selections.

But although it’s almost exactly what I had in mind and i did the final touches in Lightroom it … Well just doesn’t feel like something I did. In other words I love the results and think it’s absolutely amazing that without a lot of fine tuning it actually gave me accurate results including variations but I still feel I didn’t do the creative work.

It feels like telling a painter exactly what I want and judging his work and correcting things with words which the painter changes for my final check. And when I’m satisfied I take his/hers work and make it my own with tinting….it just doesn’t feel like something I’m entitled to to show as my work.

That said. This is awesome to use for enhancing the mood in a real photo with ai generated scenery or added props. Or think about shooting a model with a stick and replacing that for a sword. The possibilities to use it really creativity in your own work is endless.

And for that purpose i really see a great future for creatives as soon as we find the balance to use ai in our work instead of just claiming we created something we did not but simply gave the order for.

So in my opinion Firefly did an awesome job in nailing exactly what I told it to do. Including mood and lighting. And i hope you guys like my twisted experiments 😉