A very cool workshop and give aways

In todays episode a look behind the scenes during the workshop with Nadine.

Do remember that although we show much more than other videos these are not meant as tutorial videos, for those we go way more in depth plus we use better cameras and audio. Check those out via FrankDoorhof.com/videos

In this episode I explain the lightsetups and of course also show them in the video.
You also get to see the end results plus in this special episode we have three awesome give aways from our frieds at PhotoWhoa.

1. Free Presets For Street Photography – https://bit.ly/3uIBVA4
One-click enhancements for street photography
Instantly improve your photos with this Lightroom street photography presets by Contrastly.

2. Free Guide On Posing Women Hands – https://bit.ly/3uJNKG8
15 Pages PDF With Quick Hacks To Master Hand Poses!

3. 20 Free Lightroom Presets For Portraits – https://bit.ly/3pdvZ0L
Now add that edge to your outdoor and studio portraits with these 20 professional Lightroom presets!

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