Tips about workflow, what’s really important

In this episode of digital classroom I talk about the problem most photographers (and others) encounter, workflow….. or in other words, how do you make your work “flow”…..

I walk you through my complete workflow including some retouching tips and tricks, my favorite filters and much more….

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info about sLog and problems BTCD 27 feb 2017

in todays episode information about Slog on the Sony 6500 and the impact on auto focus and the problems when using the app.

We also try to buy a gimble for the camera.. but that doesn’t go without some problems.

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Cool fleamarket stuff BTCD Feb 26 2017

In todays episode we take you with us to a huge fleamarket and I’ll tell you why as a photographer it’s important to visit these markets….

And we got some really cool stuff.

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Ultimate weekend workshop Day 2 BTCD Feb 25 2017

In todays episode it’s time for the second day in the Ultimate weekend, see some amazing styling and a very special final shoot.

And make sure to watch till the end for a mini mail time with something REALLY cool.

Models : ingrid,stefan,chaim
MUA/Styling : Christa.

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