Heart Attack Grill

When visiting a location I always love to find the “weird” or “special” and shoot some images, or talk to those people.
This is the first in a series of the “weird” and “special” we found during our stay in the US this August.


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The Heart Attack Grill was on my list for a while and finally we found time to visit it.
It’s in short a burger bar with a very special theme…. if you weight over 375lbs you eat for free and they will help you gaining that weight very fast by offering NOTHING on the menu that is healthy, so don’t expect to order a diet coke…..

As soon as you enter you are being welcomed by a doctor who tells you immediately that you are getting something very unhealthy and that there is a chance of dying… yeah sure (but it’s funny), after this you get a special apron over your clothing and you are lead into the restaurant, which is actually just a burger place with a light interior and some really cool art work on the walls all with a smile towards the unhealthy live style, oh and even if you don’t have to go… make sure you visit the restrooms.

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The menu consists of the so called “bypass burgers” and trust me, even the single bypass (we ordered) already clocks in at a whopping 3000 calories (more than I normally eat in a day), according to them because they fry everything with the “unhealthy” lard, we were just glad we didn’t order any bacon.

As a European I’m not really used to this kind of food and I have to be honest that I couldn’t eat anything till the next morning (and it wasn’t a big burger), but hey it was fun and I got some images from the grill. But this also made me wonder if anyone ever would order the octuple bypass burger with 40 slices of bacon (is that a whole pig ?) and if they would survive…. I wouldn’t.

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After the visit we did wonder what the idea was behind this restaurant, would it really be to gain weight as a counter towards the more healthy life movement, if you believe their outings you would, or is it indeed actually a big protest against that unhealthy life style, because when you look online that lard they are using is indeed high in calories but in fact (according to some) actually more healthy than the normal frying fats.

For us it was a weird and fun experience, we hardly eat any fried foods except when traveling and I have to be honest I still feel full from that burger when I think about it, but I also still smile about the whole experience and I think that last part is the most important one, so whenever you’re in Vegas make sure to check them out. But make sure you didn’t eat yet.

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Oh and if you don’t eat everything…… be prepared to be spanked by one of the (actually pretty nice) nurses.

Find more information here http://www.heartattackgrill.com

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