Double trouble…. and piercing eyes

Yesterday it was time for a small session I promised to one of my MUAs.
The theme was Piercing eyes, materials and a duo shoot (which I labeled double trouble).

We started out with the piercing eyes shot.
For this we covered the face to let only the eyes do the “talking”, as lightsetup the Deep Octa with Lighttools grid was used. Somehow I really love this accessory, it gives the deep octa an incredible direction and the light quality is still stunning without getting to harsch, I can highly recommend this modifier to everyone who owns a deep octa.

As you can see I kept the photoshop work very basic and harsch, I think it fits the photo, a real glamourous look would have missed the point I had in mind.

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Photokina results

We’re back from the Photokina, and what a three days…..
Got to meet up with Joe McNally and saw a small part of his first show and a large part of his second show, without a doubt a reason to go to an exhibition like this, this is the way you should give an entertaining seminar, not much technical information but LOADS and LOADS of stories and a lot of stunning photographs but most importantly people will go away wanting to shoot and with an awareness of why you should shoot, I agree 100% with Joe on this one, although the one giving the assignment is very important, you have to shoot for yourself, if you loose interest in your work you can better stop.
Joe, wait till you get Dutch coffee, you will go even faster 😀

I also got part of the Bill Frakes seminar, Bill showed several videos he and his team shot and it’s an understatement to say it was fun, I loved it…. Also Bill said some striking things that are 100% in agreement with my opinion. Video is getting more and more important and it’s were we as photographers can get more money than staying with stills.

So what did I do ?

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Breaking news from Elinchrom ;)

As many requested here a small video from the iPhone app, there also is a iPad version.
You can do everything with the quadra what you want including modeling lights etc.

Also a quick look at the gossen light meter with Elinchrom support, and it has a reflective meter. I will look more into this later.

Feel free to share, I can’t from here, I’m already glad this goes through.

22 September 2010 Day 2 Photokina

Today it was day 2 at Photokina.
Today it was a LOT busier and so also my demos attracted a lot more attention, we often had the whole booth cramped with people watching. My main theme for todays workshops was controlling contrast and light, and with a few surprises of course.

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