Some more guitar stuff

A lot of you guys have been asking how my guitar playing is going…
Well actually it’s going pretty well.
It surprises me how much somehow is still there, the most difficult part is actually phrasing and getting up to speed again with the left right hand coordination 🙂
Now recently I asked online for other musicians to collaborate on a song and I got a really cool response from Chris Pearson I send him the song and he put some vocals on it. You can listen to it here :
Now this week I’m taking off due to some really busy months so I have some time to practice and play. And the best thing to learn is actually to record yourself, this way you can hear mistakes and it’s a much easier way to learn, if you just jam there is no “real pressure” when recording you learn how to keep rhythm, and how to make sure your phrasing is right.
This morning I took some time to record the following song. Well it’s actually a backing track from Roland eband called “BB King style backing track” and I dubbed it “Two red guitars” the reason being very simple I played one part with the red Epiphone riviera and one part with a Brian May Guitars Red Special. You can hear that one here :
Now big disclaimer…
I don’t post this to show off.
It’s just that so many of you seem to be curious about my playing that I decided to sometimes upload something.
Hope you guys like it.
Feel free to leave comments, tips are more than welcome and if you are a musician yourself and would like to collaborate on a piece just drop me a message.