Our program “a year with Frank” is highly regarded but for some people it’s a bit too intense and over the past few years people have been asking for something that is tailor made but less intense than a “a year with Frank”.


As you know we never “just do something” so we gave it a lot of thought and came up with our unique “guidance program”.

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Guidance program
You love photography, but sometimes you are simply stuck with questions that are not answered online in the detail you want, or you are simply looking for a real answer tailor made to your specific situation….. well this is the program for you.


During the course of the program you have the following unique facilities:


1. Q&A
Stuck with something?
Want to know how to set something up?
During the program you have a direct line to Frank and you can ask up to 10 questions a month which will be answered in detail.

Topics can range from the photography itself, workflow, retouching, studio, arranging locations, styling, social media etc.


2. Assignment
At the start of the program you will have to answer a small series of questions, following these answers you will get a monthly assignment that will help you improve your photography. These assignments are very diverse and can be in a totally different area of photography, with one main purpose…. getting you ahead.


3. Review of the assignment
After the assignment is done Frank will go through the assignment and mail you tips, techniques and overall remarks about the final results.


4. Portfolio review
Every month you are entitled to 5 images that will be reviewed, re-retouched and discussed with you.
These images will also be the base of the next months assignment.


5. Discounts
When you’re an active member you will be entitled to discounts on certain location workshops, instructional videos etc.
We are also working with different software companies to get the active members some nice discounts.


6. Social media brandbuilding
All active members will get selected retweets, shares etc. via Frank’s social media network. This way you can start building your brand.


Who can join?
In essence everyone can join….
However remember that a landscape photographer has a different “skill set” than a fashion photographer, Frank’s expertise is based in the fashion and people photography plus travel and street photography, so although everyone can join, photographers active in these areas will probably get the most out of the program.


So what does it cost?
For the “guidance program” you pay 50.00 US per month (this repeats automaticly)
Only active members will be eligible for the discounts etc.