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Vienna Day 1

At the moment I’m in Vienna Austria.
From Wednesday till Friday I will be teaching 3 full day (intense) workshops in some awesome locations, like castles, so this promises to be amazing. There are still 1-2 seats available I heard, so surf to http://www.photoconvention.eu and book your seats.

But the first 2 days we’re in Vienna and enjoying the city.
Well enjoying…. 🙂
This morning our alarm went off at 3:00AM and our journey began, luckily it’s just a small hop (90 minutes flight), so we arrived in Vienna around 9:00AM and still had the whole day ahead of us.

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At the fair

Getting more and more fun in street photography.
Very difficult area of photography but so much fun, and for me it’s a great “escape” from the more “styled” fashion and beauty shots. You never know what’s gonna happen, if you have to run from a guy (or girl) or if you take a great portrait of someone. These images are also shown in our videopodcast but now you can see them in the blog.

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Guestblog Charlie Chipman

I met Charlie during one of my workshops in Los Angeles. I loved his style he uses and it was no surprise that he blew me away with the project he is working on now. As you might know, I love street photography, and whenever I’m abroad I always try to do it as much as possible. I was very impressed by what Charlie does with the subject and I love this series, so I decided it was time to have him over as a guestblogger to tell you about the project…


Sidewalks by Charlie Chipman

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Composition, creativity etc. Part III

In Part III we look at some more images where we put elements together.
And do remember that you can “force” luck.

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