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Blackrapid by Annewiek Doorhof

Today a very special review/guestblog.
My wonderful wife Annewiek Doorhof will share her experience with the BlackRapid products today.

Some background information.
I loved the BlackRapid products but somehow they were never 100% comfortable for me, I’m big and pretty tall and they were always just a BIT too small for my liking, although I know other people with my size are using them, I love my camera a bit lower. Somehow this reached BlackRapid and they contacted me if I would give them the dimensions I would like, as you can imaging I was surprised when not 2 weeks later I got a package in the mail with a custom made BlackRapid strap…. and I LOVE it, I’m wearing it all the time.

Every since every exhibition we’re at I always visit BlackRapid to show them I still use it 🙂 and of course talk about new stuff.
During Photokina they saw Annewiek carrying her videocamera and made her happy with a nice BlackRapid strap, today her review.