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Tip : about shadows

Ok. A quick tip for you guys.

When shooting a model I love to place them right against the wall, the reason for this is pretty simple. In the first place it’s because my subject now makes contact with something in the real world, instead of just being in front of a plain color. PLUS you can now play with shadows.

Make sure you check your angle of lighting and the pose of the model and you can create some really interesting shadow play on the wall.

And walls …. well we all have them (unless you’re homeless), but than you’re probably not reading this… so the next time you’re shooting a model… don’t think in layers like model, space, seamless but FLATTEN THOSE LAYERS and MERGE them together into one interactive shot…

you’ll see it all blends in much nicer.
And now enough of those Photoshop jokes 😀

Shoot silhouettes sometimes

Often people ask me what to look for when shooting models with shadows.
The answer is very simple “make sure that the shadow is part of the story”
In other words I don’t want a big blob of a shadow behind my model but a nicely featured shadow that actually also plays a role in the shot, or in again other words, the shadow is a vital part of the shot.


So how can you “train” this.
Very simple.
Start to experiment with some silhouettes and learn what a model can do, by moving her arms away from her body she creates a certain look, when everything is connected to the body she creates just a big black “blob”.


In this shot I used a white background with a small strobe with grid and nothing in the front.
I asked Nadine to create several dramatic poses and especially play with the position of her arms and keep her head/face in profile so you can see that she is a real person.

Nadine October 12 2014 0057-Edit

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The “soul” of a shot

Without a doubt something I love to do is to create a mood in a shot.
Much to my surprise I get a lot of questions were people show me totally “flat flashed” images and ask me “how do I go from this to your work, which filter do you use ?” well…… the magic Frank Doorhof filter is still in beta and ….. well ok I will tell you in this blog post.

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