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Quality vs Speed vs What the…..

During seminars and workshops a lot of the students ask me “why did you choose Lightroom and switched from Aperture”, or “I will not use Lr because CaptureNX is much better for my Nikon files”, or “Capture One is better than Lr so why Lr” etc. the list goes on and on and on……


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Well today my opinion on this.
When I started out with digital photography I wanted the best image quality possible…. well ok….. it stopped there, first of all to be able to work with the RAW files was limiting my options like crazy, actually only Photoshop was a valid option, maybe bridge and I found a cool program later on called ACDsee which worked pretty well. Over the years MUCH has changed, we now have a choose of RAW convertors that will make your head spin, the ones I use(d) are Lightroom, Capture One, DxO and Aperture to name just the big ones. I experimented with Silkypix for a while for my Fuji’s but was glad that Lr started with support for those because somehow the workflow was just something I could not get used to (or wanted).

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