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New Lightroom preset pack

We all love presets right?
it’s what made instagram great I always say.
Tinting or changing the look of your images is something we all do to spice things up, and it’s one of the most used factors in movie making to really set the mood for a certain scene, lighting and tinting are the things that create the atmosphere.

I’ve already created preset packs for plugins like DxO, luminar, Alien Skin Exposure, Intensify, Capture One etc. but this week I released my first one for Lightroom and I’m really excited, I created all the presets from the ground up or based them on presets I loved and created/finetuned over the last few months.

In the pack you’ll find color presets, tinted presets, BW presets, some for the Mavic Pro 2 and even some really creative ones.

You can get the pack now at www.frankdoorhof.com/presets for only EU 15.00 (contains more than 50 presets)
Do remember that these presets can be adjusted to your liking and are there to give you base to work from, or use them as is for that “ahum” “Frank Doorhof” look.

Macphun presets

This week I released my presets for the Macphun software Intensify Pro.
The last few weeks I’ve been using Intensify pro on 99% of my images, sometimes very subtle and painting the effect in in select areas of the shots, but also sometimes on full power for my street photography.


In the past I got into the hyperreal look with a software plugin called Lucis art, but they really dropped the ball by leaving out Mac 64bits support. After this the best alternative was NIK Tonal Contrast but it somehow was just a bit too rough for me, when I got Topaz Clarity I finally found something that at least could give me some of that hyper sharpness back without halo’s around the images and I still love Topaz clarity and highly recommend it.


However when you’re on the Mac make sure to check out Macphun’s Intensify (pro) it’s awesome, it gives you a lot to play with and the results are awesome.
I dedicated a Quite Frankly episode to the plugin version which you can find here

After this episode I got a lot of questions about my presets for Intensify so I decided to create a special preset package for you guys to use. These are the presets I use on a daily basis and are fine tuned for the work I do, so they are aimed at street/travel photography and model photography. I’ve included several BW conversions with loads of contrast and details and a very subtle (but very cool) skin pop preset that will really pop your beauty portraits, and I even included a Lastolite background pop preset and a Semi Lucis version.


You can download the presets from our online store they are priced at EU 7.50 and the package contains 23 presets.
Here are some samples.

voorbeeld 2

voorbeeld 1

voorbeeld 3


Now you can download my presets

You’ve asked for it many times…..
“how do you create that look?”


Well starting today…. you can do it yourself.
For the first time ever I’ve created full preset packages with all the presets I use for Alien Skin Exposure, DxO filmpack and NIK/Google AEP.


Yep you’ve read it correctly, it’s everything, no light versions, or slightly different versions, this is the real deal.


All packages are priced at 7.50 euro and are available for direct download.

DxO FilmPack 4