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Tip : should I actually see the eyes?

When you work with a model you often hear…. “it’s all in the eyes”
And although I often agree with this I also strongly believe that sometimes a pose can be SO much more powerful when you don’t see they eyes, in fact think about so many horror, SF movies or comics when you cover up someones eyes the attention of the viewer immediately goes to the pose and the expression/gesture in that pose.

Take for example these shots I did during a recent Cosplay shoot, as you can see you hardly see the eyes in two of these shots, and to be honest the less I see the eyes the more powerful the shot becomes…. of course I shot it with the intend to let the pose do the “talking” but when you have a model that can show a very powerful pose it’s often much cooler and more threatening/moody to just leave the eyes out.

In the first shot I went for the motion and action.
The second shot only shows a “hint” of the eyes and with the third one it’s all about the pose.
So the next shoot you do… try to do something with(out) the eyes 😀

Cosplay May 29  2016 32612

Cosplay May 29  2016 32617

An easy pose

One of the poses I love to work, and especially with glamour, is a pose on the ground.
Choose a longer lens and a wider aperture and “pinpoint” light, for example a beauty dish with grid from pretty close by, some reflective or other nice material and everything is set for some interesting poses on the ground.


Depending on the body of the model the poses will have to be changed, personally I love to see more rounded lines, with the more plus sized models you can use oversized mens shirts to cover up the areas that the model wants and “shape” her body that way. Overall I always find these poses to be very pleasing and also work great with starting models.


Change your own position and move around your model to maximize the results.

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Having fun with a pose

Most questions I get are about posing.
How to?
With what?
What is cool?
Are there books?


Well I can be short in my answer most of the times, there is no real “this is how you do it” solution, every model is unique and different, some models can take a very extreme pose better than others. For me the most important thing is that the pose tells something, or is just fun. And I think this is often te best advise, don’t try to emulate/copy poses you see from the fashion magazines, now don’t get me wrong they can be a stunning start, but always try to build something fitting the model.


I will often start with just letting the model relax in her pose and I will start building from there, just easing her/him into poses that are fitting for them. Or sometimes…… you just do something a bit more fun like todays picture.

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Same light but different

Now on a lot of sites you see lighting diagrams, and sometimes people also ask me about it.
The problem with diagrams is that they do help to get in the ballpark, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that by changing the models pose or just moving the strobes a few inches can have a HUGE impact on the final result. Today a sample of this.


For the following shots I used the exact same setup.
The only difference is that for the first one we angled the strobe on the right side of the image (the accent light) just a little bit away from the model.
For the second shot the model actually took about 1 step backwards and as you can see…. the difference is huge, but in a diagram the difference would be very very minim.

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