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New images Gwendolyn

Today some new images I shot during a workshop last week with Gwendolyn.

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Lightroom workflow tip

As a new Lightroom user (well this is actually not true, I’ve been using a lot in the early stages when I was still half on PC and half on Mac) it could be fun for you (the readers) to see some of the things I discover a long the way and share them as tips. Some tips might be already known, some might help you a bit with speeding up your workflow.

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Guestblog Charlie Chipman

I met Charlie during one of my workshops in Los Angeles. I loved his style he uses and it was no surprise that he blew me away with the project he is working on now. As you might know, I love street photography, and whenever I’m abroad I always try to do it as much as possible. I was very impressed by what Charlie does with the subject and I love this series, so I decided it was time to have him over as a guestblogger to tell you about the project…


Sidewalks by Charlie Chipman

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Shooting in a zoo…

This Sunday we finally had some time to spend some time as a family and go somewhere, our son wanted to visit Artis (Amsterdam Zoo) so the decision was made very quickly. While walking through the Zoo I of course took some images, and to be honest it was never my intention to share them online in the blog, however I met some people struggling with taking images from the animals and of course I helped when possible and thought that it would be nice to maybe dedicate some space on the blog to the tips I find useful when shooting in the Zoo (or somewhere similar of course) and I think it will also nicely fit in line with the blog posts about composition and creativity.

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