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Guestblog Ian Sitren shooting Def Leppard

Ian I met a few years ago during one of the first workshops I taught in the states (Los Angeles to be exact), due to the fires both my models had to cancel and luckily my organizer knew Ian and thought he would know some models that could fill in the spots, and he did… so in fact he saved the day. During the second workshops in Los Angeles a year later Ian also helped out with the models and we became friends and stayed in contact via the internet. Both working with medium format and shooting people we always have something to chat about.


During my stay in Los Angeles this year I met up with Ian again and the beautiful model/actress Maria Bertrand (with which I did a shoot that same day in which Ian was assisting me with a flashlight from the iPhone :D), while we were having diner the idea came up to have Ian do a guestblog on my blog and of course he was willing to help me out, but what story…. (he has so many)… seeing that I’m a HUGE Def Leppard fan we eventually ended up with the story about his shoot with Phil Collen. So without wasting to much of your time…. here is Ian.


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