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Professional imaging 2014

Professional imaging for me is the THE event of the year in the Netherlands, it’s a huge trade show with everything a modern photographer/designer or videographer could wish for. I’ve been demoing at the PI for a long time at the Elinchrom booth so I’ve seen the show progress over the years, and I’ve always had a weak spot for the show so when I was asked last year by the organization to help out with some of the speakers I jumped to the opportunity because I do know some good speakers 🙂


So this year was the first time I was in charge of the main speakers, I asked 2 buddies of mine that I know would blow away the crowd with their talents, Joe McNally and Glyn Dewis both excellent at their part of the spectrum. Adobe arranged Jimmy Nelson (who blew me away with both the images and a good presentation) and Clive Booth, added were of course a lot more speakers and I wish I had some more time to visit them all but that’s impossible.


This year was also the first time we had our own booth at the trade show.

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Professional Imaging 2014

Oh man this is going to be an exciting month.
First up this weekend we are on the Professional Imaging 2014, after that Photoshop World Atlanta and a few weeks later the New York workshops, so you guys can expect a lot “on the road” type of shots and blog posts. But first things first.

Professional imaging 2014
March 29-30-31 Nijkerk the Netherlands

This is without a doubt my favorite show in the Netherlands, it’s a yearly show and I’ve been a participant for many years now including a speaking gig 2 years ago on the “big stage”. I have great memories connected to this show because it was actually the place where I met Scott Kelby for the first time but also where I always was demoing for Elinchrom on the Fotoflits booth.


Well this year everything is different for us (and the show).
First of all I will not be demoing for Fotoflits anymore, but we will be on our own booth, and it’s a big one so make sure to visit us. I will be demoing the new Elinchrom ELCs there with some crazy styling by Nadine, we will sign the books/DVDs if you have them with you (or you can get them from us). I will also be answering your questions almost non stop but hey… that’s just us.


This year I was also asked to help out with the speakers and do we have some in store for you.
The first names that popped into my head were both good friends of us and in my opinion at the moment the top in their field, and imaging my enthusiasm when both said “yes”, their names ?  well what do you think about Joe McNally and Glyn Dewis? Both will be teaching twice a day in the Adobe theater, Glyn will of course show many Photoshop tips and Joe will do a live demo and seminar every day (and you will see me assisting Joe… oh my), but wait there is more…. on some days there is also a Q&A at the end of the day where you can ask whatever you want.

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