a CRAZY Macphun offer

MacPhun craziest offer ever….XXL
It’s no secret I love Macphun products… Over the last few years they have almost replaced all my other plugins, for example intensify is on almost 90% of my shots (to give it that extra pop), and I also love their BW convertor Tonality and there is LOADS more……but their new limited time bundle even makes me speechless….. If you don’t already own the creative suite, now is the time. Heck even if you don’t own a Mac buy it because you will get so much free stuff it’s crazy. Included for example is my FULL instructional video “Live in Boston”

Let’s see what’s in the XXL package : (if you order from here you also support our work)

Key Features:
700+ Editing tools, presets & filters
40+ Photo guides, e-books and videos
12 Powerful photo editing titles
1200+ Textures, presets, and Sample RAW files

$1871 in total Savings
Plus special discounts on photo related gear/products from some partners.


Products in Creative Kit XXL:
Name and Retail Value

Noiseless CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
Intensify CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
Tonality CK – photo editor by Macphun $70
Snapheal CK – photo editor by Macphun  $50
Focus CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
FX Photo Studio CK – photo editor by Macphun $30
Behind the Image – video guide by Ted Gore $65
The Posing Guide by Red Leaf Studios $60
The Lighting Guide by Red Leaf Studios $50
Africa with Athena – photo guide by Athena Carey $60
Live in Boston – photo guide by Frank Doorhof $40
E-Books collection by PhotoLesa (Lesa Snider) $30
OS X Video Guides from TheMacU $22
The Essentials of Street Photography $20
Video classes by Lesa Snider $50
The complete photography bundle by Mikko Lagerstedt $110
HDR tutorial video by Howard Snyder $60
Post processing techniques by Michael Breitung $18
E-books bundle by Nature Photo Guides $50
Shoot to Share video by Justin Novak $70
Creative Kit Walkthrough by Justin Noval $70
Light in Motion – photo guide by the Photographer’s Element $145
WIldflower photography – ebook by Steve Berardi $20
Easy DSLR Blue photo course by Ken Schults $67
Lightroom presets from $20
Shooting stars – e-book by Phil Hart $15
Fire & Sparks – photo guide by DYI Photography $10
City series: London – photo guide by DYI Photography $45
Complete Lightroom presets collection by Contrastly $99
Travel LR presets by $40
RAW Sample Files by Dmitry Sytnik $30
Creative Photography Textures collection $40

Circular Studio – software by Brain Fever Media $30
Crazy Talk 7 – software by Reallusion $30
Flame Painter 3 – software by Escape Motion $90
Resize Sense – software by VeprIT  $20
Watermark Sense – software by VeprIT $20
Picture Collage Maker – software by Pearl Mountain  $40

3 Free Months of Skillshare membership $30
CanvasPop Gift Card $30
25% discount $10
20% discount from KB Covers $10
10% discount + a free Cuff from Peak Design $40
30% discount on iBlazr $18


Sale price $129 (EU 143)

Discount 93%

As you can see…. t’s a lot 😀 So order it today via you’ll love it (even if you don’t own a mac)

Some cool offers and discounts

Holidays are approaching very rapidly and as you guys we are looking forward to some time off and spending it with our family and loved ones.


However we also know that sometimes these days can be a bit…. boring or quite for some people so we wanted to give you all a very cool discount to enjoy all our instructional videos. So till christmas you can get a great 25% discount on ALL our videos with the coupon code “holiday15”.


So surf to and start downloading your menu of videos for the holidays, and it’s of course allowed to download them now and watch later 😀

MTM video 2

But there is more :
As you know I love the plugins from MacPhun.
Over the year we have worked together with them on quite some occasions and we decided it was time to take this cooperation one step further in the form of a cool discount for their WHOLE creative suite 2016 PLUS some other goodies which will save you guys a lot of money. For this offer surf to the special page and you can take advantage of the discount there.


And we are not done yet :
One of the most asked questions on workflow is probably “How do you tether?” and “how do you keep it stable?”
Well the answer is quite simple, on the hardware site I use the Tethertools products which are amazing and very sturdy, and I just love the orange cables (Hey I’m Dutch). On the software side I use Capture One.


Capture One is one heck of a piece of software for all your tethering needs, you can not only shoot tethered but you can also use the “focus overlay mask” which will show everything green (or any other color you wish) that is in focus, so you can see from the other side of your studio if you are hitting the focus right. I always say that if my tethering stops I will always check my hardware because Capture One will never ever stop tethering, it’s rock solid.
But it’s not only for tethering btw, try zooming in on an image and you literally will think your computer just got a MAJOR upgrade, it’s blazingly fast, add to this the great RAW conversion and many other tools and you will without a doubt fall in love with Capture One (I did and I’m very picky). So surf to Phase One/Capture One and get a test version of their new Capture One 9 and start enjoying it. Now if you like it…. use the coupon code AMBDOORHOF for a cool discount on the product, and I’m sure you’re gonna keep it.


And finally we have another cool discount on software.
Both Alien Skin and Topaz have been long time supporters of my work and I use their plugins a lot.
Both companies gave me some nice coupons for you guys to enjoy.

Nadine 178 - August 28, 2015

Topaz labs always has nice plugins for a very very friendly price.
I always advise people to use their Clarity plugin if they are using a PC and are not able to use Macphuns Intensify, and it ROCKS, without any doubt, a plugin you really can’t afford to miss, it’s like tonal contrast on steroids, but also check out ReStyle which is an awesome tinting plugin and Clean3 which I use for the more difficult skin or to remove goosebumps. Order them via . Use Doorhof99 as coupon code for a really cool 10% discount


Now Alien skin is one of the market leaders when it comes to tinting, I always switch between DxO filmpack and Alien Skin. DxO I use when I want very subtle lovely tonings and Exposure X when I want to go towards the more “extreme” side, although it can also do all the subtle tones of course. Visit their site via : the alien skin site  and use the code FrankDoorhof for a cool 10% discount.


I hope you guys can benefit from these offers, and always remember that I do promote only the gear/software that I use myself even if it means I don’t earn any money/or less from it, it’s all about advising the right stuff to you guys.



Quite Frankly on plugins

We all love photography right?
And one part of photography is editing, and well… this can be fun but sometimes it’s also a matter of repeating the same thing over and over. This is where plug-ins come in very handy.


Now there is literally a jungle on plug-ins available, so how do you select the right ones?
It will always be very personal, what works for you might not work for me, so in the end you have to make sure you choose what you use/need and not what someone tells you rocks.That being said, I love the plug-ins from MacPhun. I met them a few years ago during Photoshopworld and their intensify plugin/app blew me away, I’ve been using it ever since and found myself more and more switching to all their apps/plug-ins.


The plug-in we are gonna look at today is Intensify, and I believe it’s in 95% of my shots, sometimes very subtle, sometimes a bit more over the top. In my opinion by the way, mixing the effect is a vital importance, you don’t want your images to look like HDR (Highly Destructive Retouching).


In this episode of Quite Frankly (wow 57 already) I talk about plug-ins and demonstrate the Intensify plug-in by MacPhun.
We also made a special deal with them for you guys, surf to for a great discount on their creative suite.

Tonality from MacPhun video

One of the things I always love it playing with new software, being it plugins or apps, it’s always nice to see if a piece of software can give you a boost in workflow or simply give you a new/better/faster way to make your images stand out.


Now there are some great BW converters out there, I love Alien Skin Exposure, SilverFx and DxO filmpack so when the guys from MacPhun asked me to testrun their newest app called Tonality (in base a BW convertor) I was very curious what they could add to the market with their app, but after some weeks of test-driving Tonality I can tell you that it ROCKS, the interface is very easy to understand but most of all the options you have to really custom make the look you want for your image is awesome. I’m 100% sure you’re gonna love it.

As with all MacPhun software it’s for Mac only, it will work as a plugin in for Lr, Photoshop but also as a standalone.

You can order it here :

Congratulations to our buddies at MacPhun for releasing another awesome app.


And here is my video on Tonality Pro.
As you can see I don’t use the layers option, this is something I do use in Photoshop, but if you want it in the software it’s there.