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A toy camera….

A week or so ago I got a Diana F+ camera via the mail.
This is a so called Lomo or Toy camera that shoots 120 film, and because I’m a medium format shooter I have my fridge full of that stuff, so I decided to load a roll and test the camera, in this blog post the first weird, wicked and downward strange results. I’m not sure if I like them to be honest.  Something went wrong with the film, but that’s fixed now. In a time were we try to emulate vintage looks it’s always fun to shoot with a camera that gives you that look out of the box, but again….. I don’t yet know if I like it, have to test some more I guess…. ok it’s addictive.
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Corine in Advanced II workshop

Without a doubt my favorite workshop is Advanced II.
In this workshop it’s all about “looks” “coaching” “themes” and of course “creativity”.
In all the other workshops there is a lot of focus on technique, theory and of course all the other things that make a photoshoot successful, however in Advanced II in fact it IS a photoshoot.

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