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Move around your light

One of the best tips I can give people is “move around your light”
Every time I show this very simple technique during workshops there is always a group of students that is literally totally surprised by the effects you can create by just moving around your model. What you are actually doing is the same as moving around your light source, but when you combine it with a wall against which the model is posing you can get some stunning effects very fast.


In this setup I’m using one strobe aimed at my model.
In the first shot you see it shot from the front.

Nadine October 12 2014 0149-Edit

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Shoot into the light

Playing with light is always fun.
Most of the time people will however not include the light source, in my opinion including the light source can be very interesting, especially when you take of your sun hood (or even better use a cheap lens) which will get you some nice lens flares.


In todays post some images from a workshop I did with Nadine in which I shot straight into the light source for some more extreme lighting effects.

Nadine Februari 7 2014 (85 of 297)-Edit

Nadine Februari 7 2014 (94 of 297)-Edit

Anja glamour

Glamour workshops are always special.
It’s one of the advanced workshops I teach, so there is a lot of room to play around with lights, poses, expressions etc. in other words the workshop has a very wide array of possibilities to play around. And when Anja is the model there is always a lot of fun which enhances the images of course.

But the most I just love to play with light.
Here I used the Elinchrom 9.5″ Wide Angle Reflector for Elinchrom, this is really a reflector everyone should own, it’s very cheap and it’s the best reflector to light a white background, but also rocks to create effects like this with lens flares. On the subject of using lens flares, I’m a big advocate to not create them in Photoshop but really try to shoot them “live”, this image is shot that way and for me the effect is much more convincing than when you just add a lens flare in Photoshop.

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