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Tip about shooting high-contrast on the street

Often photographers will try to find the light behind the photographer to get some light on the subjects. However one of the most interesting things that I love to do is finding that high contrast situation where you are actually shooting straight into the sun.

You can of course use objects to block the sun, or let it just “creep through”. So the next time you’re shooting on the street, don’t be afraid to shoot straight into the sun, or include it in the frame, I think you will be surprised 😀


I always love to include people to get some cool silhouette effects.

Augustus 27 2014 NY  (98 of 222)_DxO

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Marie having fun in the sun

According to a twitter follower there must be a new sort of photoshoot…..
Instead of TFP (Time for Print), TFG (Time for Gardening) and well ok I have to agree, that would be fun 😀
Right after the photoshoot Marie and I did on location for the Pocketwizard review we decided to also do a little more in our garden. The theme was a bit of old fashioned pinup combined with some humor and of course a modern look. In other words we mixed everything up to make a look I love very much and you don’t see me do a lot.

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