The Elinchrom FS30 as a prop

During the small workshop from last week we did one setup where I used the Elinchrom FS30 as a prop.
We lit Manon with the modeling light of an ELC 1000 strobe.
To give accent to the side of the FS30 I used one Lastolite Switch box II Large fitted with a Phottix Mitros+ strobe.
To light the smoke a bare strobe was used, also a Phottix Mitros+.

Both strobes were balanced with a Rogue CTO gel to balance them towards the modeling light of the ELC.

In post I tinted the images with a blue tint.

Manon April 25 2015   0073

Manon April 25 2015   0087

Workshop  0553 1

Workshop  0553

Manon April 25 2015   0090


First samples from the Elinchrom FS30

There are not many modifiers I’ve waited years for…. but this one was.

Years ago when I did my first demo session for a company called “Fotoflits” on the Professional Imaging in the Netherlands I used a Fresnel spot from Elinchrom. I LOVED the light and the look of the modifier but at that time it was way out of my reach financially. When I finally had saved the money they did not make the Fresnel anymore and getting a good one second hand was almost impossible or they were beat up or too expensive.


Much to my delight they released a new Fresnel called the FS30 during Photokina last year and I was over the moon with it.
Last week the first sample arrived in our studio and I could not wait to start testing it and of course I used it in the workshop the day after with Nadine and Lenaa.


Now what’s so special about a Fresnel?
It’s very hard to explain but it’s a real special kind of light, and one of the main advantages is that you can move the strobe closer or further away from the Fresnel lens and create different kind of light qualities but also different beam sizes. It’s the kind of light you have to work with to really appreciate, but trust me once you did there is no turning back.
Today some first shots I did with the FS30 during the workshop, I will do a video review on the Fresnel in an upcoming Quite Frankly episode in a few weeks.
Models : Lenaa and Nadine.
Styling : Nadine.

Lenaa April 24 2015   0109

Workshop  28779

Nadine April 24 2015   0136