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Some new images

Today a collection of some of my favorite shots from the workshops I did last week with Marie and Nirmala.
The shots with Marie are done during the small flash workshop so were all shot with the small flash strobes.
The top one with the awesome Rogue grid set by the way, make sure to get one, you will love it.
Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Working with one light source……and some Rogue magic.

Friday it was time for the small flash workshop with Nadine as my model.

During the small flash workshop the main thing I teach the students is how to work with both E-TTL and full manual mode. The thing I focus up at the start of the workshop is that E-TTL can be easily “fooled” or in other words is not perfect. By explaining this and also explaining how to solve it (and throwing in manual mode with a light-meter) the students are beginning to recognize the problems in a scene and most importantly learn how to counteract the problems.

The fun thing is that you will see that after the first setup most students already pick this up with the next setup.
And to be honest it’s not difficult, but you have to see it to understand it 🙂

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The things that you really need…..

A lot of people ask me about those little things that really are necessary to own.
If you look at the gear guide on this page you can already see some of the items I will mention in this thread. But I think it’s interesting to also do a small blog post about some of the items that will save your session, or add some amazing creative options…..
So here we go.

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Wedding guestblog by Ferry de Wet

As you know I sometimes invite “guestbloggers” over to write something on the blog for you.
There is really no fixed set of instructions for the guestbloggers so they can really do something that is fitting their style and presence online. For today our guestblogger is Ferry de Wet. You can find him online at http://www.ferrydewet.nl/

So here he goes 🙂

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