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Enka results Day 2

Workshops in abandoned buildings are always awesome, somehow the structure, the light and the whole feel of these locations is just plain photogenic.
I’ve shared some images of the two Enka workshops over the last few days with the tips, but today I want to post the final images from the second day of the workshop.


Many thanks to : Sheena, Rosa, Lenaa (models) and Nadine (for the styling).
And of course our team : Chaim, Bart and Annewiek

Enka workshops Augustus 20 2014    250

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Workshop Enka results

For me all the workshops I do are special, but some…. well are a little bit more special.
A while ago a good friend of us brought the Enka factory to our attention, a large abandoned building that was still in relatively good state (and taken care off) but had loads of potential, and when I saw the location… wow I wanted to teach there, and I believe I was not the only one that wanted to shoot/learn there because the workshop was sold out faster than any workshop we ever arranged, after some deliberation with the owners we booked a second date on the 20th of August (for the Dutch people, if you want to be there there are now 2 seats left).


Today I show some of the results from the first workshop day.
Some results I will share next week as little tip blogposts.
And yes indeed these kind of shots are what you learn to do during the workshops I teach.


Models : Lenaa, Rosa and Chantal
Styling : Nadine
Team : Christa, Annewiek, Chaim, Bart

Enka workshops Augustus 15 2014    222

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