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Interview with Joel Grimes

We travel a lot to teach on trade shows and of course our own workshops and one of the most exciting things for me is meeting up with other photographers and pick their brains about what drives them, pushed them forwards in their careers and their visions on our trade.

After professional imaging (the largest Dutch tradeshow) we invited Joel Grimes over to our studio to show him our area and of course squeeze in an interview for our videowebpodcast “Quite Frankly”, today you can see the video via our blog. Joel and me talked about a lot of topics ranging from working with handicaps to inspiring other people and of course the “perfect” lightsetup.

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Light it……

During a 1:1 workshop it’s sometimes time to play, and this was such an occasion.
A while ago an amazing magazine was released on the iPad called “Light it!” and I’m one of the writers for the magazine (and please don’t start a “why isn’t it on the android” thread here :D). We got a nice Tshirt in the mail a few days ago and it was hanging in our studio when I suddenly thought about, why not add it to a photoshoot theme ?

What you see in this blogpost is the result from that idea, and a few tips that might be handy 😀

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