Having an assistant can be great…..

Todays tip is about working with assistants.

A few years ago I never thought about working with an assistant, I love to work alone or when needed I just asked my wife Annewiek and she helped me out. However when one of my models needed a quick change for her internship (which didn’t work out) I decided to help her out and gave her a spot without our studio. Well to make a long story short, at the moment we have one intern in the studio which stays for 20-25 weeks and one of those interns is now part of the studio as a shooter and retoucher (Wendy Appelman). I do have to add that I only hire assistants abroad when I really need to, Annewiek is always traveling with me and she knows exactly what to do (and when), if she wouldn’t travel with me I would however without a doubt hook up with a local photographer to help me out, because the results will simply put be much better when someone takes some of the “stress” off.


Now I hear you think “Yeah well, you have work enough and need them but I only shoot weekends” etc.

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