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Review : Watermark Plus for Mac

I get a lot of requests to review software, and to be honest I always look at the software but I also realize “How many plugin and apps does someone need”, I’ve seen plenty of smart phones for example that are literally stuffed with apps to a point that even the user doesn’t remember which one does what (yeah I also have a few too many on my phone). So when I do a review the app/plugin really should add something. And in all honestly I was in doubt if I would review this one, because most of the software I use already supports adding watermarks and they do it pretty good.


The reason I eventually did decide to do the review is that I hear a lot of the starting photographers ask for a way to resize and watermark images without the use of Lightroom for the simple reason they don’t own Lightroom or they just simply want something a bit more fancy and want it simple and fast. And this is exactly where I think Watermark Plus shines.


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Now it’s not often that I review an app on this blog, but this time I want to make an exception for a very special one, “OKDOTHIS”
It’s available on iPhone only at the moment.

OKDOTHIS-001OKDOTHIS is an app that was brought to my attention a while ago but to be honest I did not downloaded it, the idea was cool, the app looked great and it was started by a good friend of us Jeremy Cowart, but somehow I did not find it necessary to add another “social network” to my collection, and let’s be honest most of us are already on G0ogle+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app etc. etc. it’s almost a day job just to keep up with everything, so why, oh WHY add another one… well that was also my idea until last week I started trying out “OKDOTHIS” and I can tell you it’s freaking awesome.

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