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Choose your angles with care

Walking around your model or chosing different angles can have a huge impact on your final results.

When using a striplight with a grid like I do in the examples, you can make your model jump out from the background, even when using a more busy background. And you don’t need to add a vignette later in post processing.

By moving around the model you have a great control over the contrast and look of the image. You can go from relative flat to very high contrast. It’s a technique I always use to get the most out of a setup or give my client more choice

When you also add lower and higher angles you can see that with only one lightsetup you can get a lot of different looks.

In the following examples I’m using the #clickpropsbackdrops antique navy wall. The wall is blue and by using red in the clothing and accent light you can get a really cool effect.

Same light but different

Now on a lot of sites you see lighting diagrams, and sometimes people also ask me about it.
The problem with diagrams is that they do help to get in the ballpark, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that by changing the models pose or just moving the strobes a few inches can have a HUGE impact on the final result. Today a sample of this.


For the following shots I used the exact same setup.
The only difference is that for the first one we angled the strobe on the right side of the image (the accent light) just a little bit away from the model.
For the second shot the model actually took about 1 step backwards and as you can see…. the difference is huge, but in a diagram the difference would be very very minim.

nadine dec 27 201317692-Edit

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