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This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord. And this time the topic of the live shoot is:


Small Flash with Power


More power means more control and ability to get the shot you want, right? And if you want complete control over your lights and don’t want to use really long extension cords for your studio flash, or if you don’t own any studio lights you use Speedlights/Small Flash or Compact Flash; there are so many names for these portable lights. And that is what Frank is going to show you in the 2 hour LIVE and free broadcast.


This episode is all about shooting models with Small Flash. Frank will use the Nissin flash to making stunning portraits. A lot of power helps but there are other options to really maximize your pictures, not only Photoshop and plugins. But for example, like where to place the lights, where to point it, using gels or flashbenders. And don’t forget your model, styling with some props or special backgrounds. For the quickest and most efficient workflow, Frank uses the light meter, and he will show you how.


Because we have several cameras in the studio you can see the whole setup and we zoom in on some important things you need to know shooting small flash. Not only the technical part, like the difference between TTL and Manual but much more.


After the shoot, Frank will show you some tips and tricks in Photoshop on how to give your image that extra pop. See what presets and plug-ins Frank uses to get more special effects.


And the best thing is you can talk to Frank & the crew LIVE in the chat on YouTube or Facebook.


During the digital classroom, it’s also possible to send in your portrait pictures and Frank will critique them. Mail them to


Join us in this 2-hour free, live, online interactive show on Wednesday, September 11, 3 PM CEST or 


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